Aircraft models

Model aircrafts - We offer different types of aircraft models and spare parts from a number of well-known brands such as Multiplex, Pelikan, Dynam, Phoenix. Our RC aircraft section boasts up to 4,500 kits and RC sets. Our wide range of model aircrafts also include tethered models, free - flying aircrafts and static models of historic aircrafts.


New products

  • Birch plywood 600x300x6,0mm
    Birch plywood 600x300x6,0mm
    10,34 €
  • Mini Tripod - Gimbal Tripod
    Mini Tripod - Gimbal Tripod
    9,59 €
  • 105.5 "Slick 580 EXP - spur
    105.5 "Slick 580 EXP - spur
    40,40 €