Bored? We have the fun that you get tired even after a long time! Play, try our RC models on the remote control that you can seize every long while.We RC models jednoduchýma quick commissioning for complete beginners or stuffed models suitable for experienced modelers.

What are RC models?

RC models can be characterized as toys for adults.Cool in the form of model cars, planes, boats or helicopters to remote control that you listen to the word.RC models from our menu will please every boys and adult men.Try the models from NASA we can guarantee that our toys bring to your life extremely fun and satisfaction.

Fun with RC models

All models used solely for entertainment.If you learn to properly operate the model, it is certain that the leaps and somersaults humiliating Earth' s gravity, incredible rotation, skids or tires RC car Ryjice the country will not let you calm me and gain the admiration of not only your friends, but independent observers.
RC models represent a new form of entertainment not only for competitive boys.

We have a wide range of RC models

our range chooses to everybody.Our offer includes a wide range of model cars, helicopters, airplanes, motorcycles, tanks, hovercraft, rockets, ships and remote control, including comprehensive offered , thanks to accessories or other constructive toys and their parts, RC equipment, building materials and much more.

We have everything

In our assortment you will always find what you are looking for! Broke down with you a model? Never mind, we have a solution.For us to find the spare part that will solve your problem.We offer all RC equipment from the battery, through the receiver, to the modeller chemistry of all kinds.

Only quality models

All RC models, which you can find here are of high quality and trusted manufacturers.With the purchase of any model will guarantee the completeness of the product, it is not necessary to purchase additional components that are needed for operation.Likewise with us you are guaranteed trouble-free service, reasonable price and warranty on all products for two years.

Choose the right model

Each RC model represents a style of its owner and therefore the choice of the model should not be underestimated.An important clue may be interested in the surrounding environment in which you can find opponents and colleagues dedicated to this hobby.For this reason, we recommend that you first think through your choice and then chose the model from which you will be happy and that will amuse you for a long time.