RC car racing - Open Challenge Prague


The race weekend starts on Friday night. After the preparation of the onroad track, the free training is possible from approximately 21:30 until approximately 24:00. On Saturday, the ONROAD category races take place. After the results are announced, the onroad track is cleaned and we start building an offroad track. On Saturday evening from about 21:00 it is possible to train on the track. On Sunday, the OFFROAD races are waiting for the competitors.

RC races of the ONROAD category

Saturday: 1/10 Open, 1/10 Stock (17.5z), 1/10 Super Stock (13.5z EFRA), 1/10 Hobby (21.5z oder 27T DC), 1/10 Hobby PEUGEOT Cup, 1/10 Formula , 1/10 GT, 1/12 Pancar, 1/10 Tamiya Cup

RC races of the OFFROAD category

Sunday: 1/10 Buggy 2wd, 1/10 Buggy 4wd, 1/10 ShortCourse 2wd, HOBBY Buggy, 1/14 mini