If you want to start riding

Why chassis SERPENT? - Recommended models SERPENT. Given that we have with these models long experience, we know that last just any beginner. When you want to pursue racing professionally, so nothing prevents you because you have the best available gear!

Races in the warm season (spring, summer, autumn)


If you want to compete in the category of off-road, so we recommend chassis 1/8 SERPENT COBRA SRX8 Buggy.

This category is fairly widespread in the Czech Republic. If you really want a car on rough tracks and not to solve anything, just ride, so we recommend a model that is stable on all lines, and it is 1/8 SERPENT COBRA 811 Truggy. Withstand quite brutal and aggressive ride! The car does not matter any great inequality, we recommend it.


In this category is a brand Serpent absolute best on the market, has a unique patented technology, chassis, here you can choose a wide range of chassis. The most common category is Onroad 1/10 CR IC (internal combustion) and 1/10 electric TC, 1/10 Pan Car.

If you already have experience with Onroad races, you would like to meet with world leaders, so here is chassis 977 1/8 serpent, multiple world champion and a car to drive really fast.

Racing in winter:

In winter, the most prevalent category Onroad electronics. These serials is in the winter a lot, are held in gyms, which have a special carpet.

Here are the most widespread bogies:

1/10 electric TC, 1/10 Pan Car.

How best to ride home, and even a race?

So we have a clear and simple answer - SERPENT S 240. This chassis is incredibly simple but incredibly functional. Just had really any room with carpeted floors. Perfect grip ensures moss round. In winter event is held with the chassis.


Here I recommend mostly complete sets Himoto. We can expect them excellent quality and availability of spare parts.

To start operations

Multicoptery - drones

The latest features of modern technology are part of the world and RC models. RC models multikoptér or drones guarantee you top entertainment and lots of achievements to try. Take pictures, record or race - nothing is a problem. We have in this field by trained personnel who have airline pilot tests of a model bought from us with you Flits.

RC airplanes

Every little boy and the big guy has a dream to fly. Now you have the chance to fulfill his dream. Complete sets of aircraft that can withstand a lot and especially long.