E-flite Apprentice STS 15e 1.5m SAFE BNF Basic

The new electronics in the proven E-flite Apprentice STS 15e BNF model bring new possibilities of use with SAFE functions, for a safe and quiet flight. Flight mode selection, SAFE + function with opti


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New electronics in the proven model E-flite Apprentice STS 15e BNF brings new applications, installed control unit with SAFE functions, which ensures safe and quiet flight, choice of flight modes. Optionally, you can also have SAFE + features with the optional GPS module and LAS.


In the basic version of the set you will have a complete model that has available flight modes with SAFE flight envelope protection. However, if you want take-off and landing assistance and a virtual fence, you can purchase the GPS module SPMA3173 with LAS sensor SPMA3180 and get the SAFE Plus feature, which gives you a flight assistant that can auto-land - AutoLand, return over the initiator starting point - Holding Pattern and Virtual Fence to limit the distance of the model from the starting point - Virtual Fence.

The E-flite® Apprentice® STS 1.5m is based on one of the best platforms ever designed to teach radio-controlled flying - the proven Apprentice S 15e. The model is designed for beginners and intermediate pilots. It is made of strong and very durable material Z-Foam. The model has a smooth flight, thanks to the wing with a semi-symmetrical profile, the flight is reasonably slow and very stable. The wide 3-wheel chassis has a nose wheel steerable, making take-off and landing easy.


The model allows you to continue to develop your pilot skills because it has a higher potential. Thanks to the appropriate design and powerful engine you can start teaching the basic elements of acrobatics. Apprentice STS can handle loops, turns, headlands and back flight. Of course, you must turn off SAFE flight envelope protection to have complete control. You can even install optional floats and take off and land on the water.

Apprentice STS BNF Features
  • Based on one of the best flying learning platforms - Apprentice S 15e
  • Ideal for beginners as well as experienced pilots who teach pupils using the Trainer function
  • Horizon Hobby's exclusive SAFE® technology makes teaching easier
  • Easily upgrade to SAFE Plus GPS and add AutoLand, Virtual Fence and Holding Pattern
  • Optional and easy to install LAS sensor for smoother landing
  • Installed servos, Spektrum control unit and Serial receiver
  • Powerful and efficient brushless motor with electronic controller 30A
  • Wide three-wheel chassis with steered nose wheel
  • Quick and easy installation - no glue required
  • Durable and lightweight EPO construction
  • Optional floats are available
Landing Assist Sensor (LAS) Optional

If you decide to add a GPS to your model, you can also add a brand new SPMA3180 Spectrum Landing Assist Sensor (LAS) to your model. It is easy to install and provides automatic control during the difficult landing phase. The sensor can read the height of the model above the terrain and better guide the model to the exact height at which the loft and landing. It eliminates unwanted rebounds when landing from a higher altitude and reduces the possibility of damage.

Electronic speed controller SSmart

Apprentice STS 1.5m is equipped with an SMART electronic controller that can provide a range of real-time telemetry data, including motor speed, current, battery voltage, using Spectrum compatible transmitters equipped with Spektrum AirWare ™ (including DX6e and 8e, DX6) and DX8G2, DX9, iX12 and others) in flight without additional sensors.

Solid rigid and lightweight model construction

The design of the E-flite Apprentice STS is made of very durable and lightweight EPO foam. The wing is attached to the fuselage with rubber straps so that it can come loose in the event of a hard landing or impact to minimize damage. In the event that any parts or components of the airframe are damaged and can no longer be repaired by gluing, a number of spare parts are available.

Easy and quick assembly

Apprentice STS 1.5m has a completely installed electronics and drive. What needs to be done? All you need to do is complete the quick and final assembly with a few screws, pairing with your transmitter that you set up according to the manual and charge your LiPol battery. / p>

Great chassis choice

The landing gear used has ideal characteristics for an aircraft training model. It is wide to keep the model from overturning, 3-wheel for stable and fully maneuverable take-off and landing and has excellent maneuverability when taxiing. Moreover, thanks to the nose leg does not overturn on the propeller and therefore does not damage.

Optional floats

Do you have water nearby and are you a fan of seaplanes? Equip the Apprentice STS Floats! With the optional EFLA550 float kit, you will be ready in minutes and all the necessary mounting accessories are included in the model and float set.

Flight modes
Beginner Mode

Beginner, he has limited tilt elevator and ailerons, when the levers to neutral, the model stabilizes in a horizontal position, the engine speed is regulated according to climb or descent and there is also assistance during takeoff and landing.

Advanced Mode

Advanced mode, the model is allowed to tilt more, but does not roll over or fall. The flight positions are limited to approx. 60 ° tilt. There is already great freedom of control and minimal flight corrections. When flying over 15m, automatic model comparison to horizontal position after releasing the levers is not functional.

Expert Mode

In Expert flight mode, control is totally free without correction and flight position limitations. You can even fly on your back and perform acrobatic maneuvers. < / p>

When you purchase the optional GPS module, you get SAFE Plus!
AutoLand, assisted landing

After activating and pressing the button, the assisted AutoLand function is activated and the Carbon Cub S + lands automatically at the start-up point. You can interrupt the automatic landing at any time by simply pressing the button to avoid obstacles or adjust direction or, if nothing is wrong, let the system work to lead the model to a safe landing. Once you have more confidence, you can take more control and finally learn how to land without assistance.

Holding Pattern - circling over take-off point

This handy, exclusive SAFE Plus feature allows you to basically "pause" your flight by activating and quickly pressing the button, the airplane automatically returns to a position above the GPS start point and orbits until the command is canceled. This is a great way to safely give control to a friend or regain visual contact if you don't have control and don't know the model's location.

Virtual Fence - Virtual fence

It's very easy to let the model fly too far, but with Virtual Fence you don't have to worry anymore because it creates an invisible boundary that the model doesn't cross. When it reaches this limit, it automatically turns and flies back, then nods its wings to inform that the steering control is resumed.

Panic Recovery - Restore Panic Flight

If you ever lose control of an airplane in more advanced flight modes, simply switch to beginner mode and release the control levers. SAFE® Plus technology automatically returns the plane to a level flight.

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