HFP-30 programmer digi serv Hitec

HITEC digital servo programmer (all series) and servotester. For programming HITEC digital servos series HS-5xxx, HS-7xxx, HSB-9xxx, Dxxx and testing all types of servos (digital and analog). Mo


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Necessary accessories for commissioning

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The programmer allows synchronous neutral settings and endpoints deflections for a pair of servos - this is particularly useful for paired servos (ailerons, flaps halves of the elevator) servos or jointly controlling matter at the helm giant models.

The programmer is equipped with a mini USB port for firmware updates. Prepare also utility that allows storing data programmed servo PC.


Intelligent tester for testing the parameters of all the servos (Hitec only) allows you to test the servo movement in several ways:

  • Hand positioning (roughly turning the knob or well-defined steps using 3D wheel).
  • Automatic Servo overrun the end positions in three modes: jump between the end positions and neutral, flowing between the end positions overrun or overshoot between the end positions in increments of variable width. In all modes, adjustable slew rate, respectively. step width servos; There is a counter proběhnutých servo cycles (0 to 4999) and measurement of total test period. It is also possible to pre-set number of cycles that servo after running the test will take place. Adjustable is also the duty cycle (repetition frequency) control signal, so you can test digital servo signal accurately corresponding ultra fast transmission of your RC system, as well as classic analog servos at the usual 20 ms (50 Hz).
  • Measurement bandwidth servo insensitivity.
  • Measure the width and duty cycle control pulses from the receiver.

In servotesteru menu you can choose a special GYRO test mode narrowband servos for tail rotor helicopter (with neutral 760 microseconds).

Programmer Kit includes: programmer HFP-30 instruction.

Necessary accessories for commissioning

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