Super Fast BRUSHLESS digi next-generation servo with lightning-fast response for 3D helicopters, airplanes and cars. Programmable, stroke 17kg.cm, speed 0,08s / 60 ° at 6,0V, 17kg.cm, speed 0,06s / 60


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The new ULTRA series digital servos with AC motors offer several revolutionary innovations. The use of the high-efficiency Neu / Castle Creations high performance motor not only reduces current consumption compared to digital DC servo motors - thanks to Hitec's "Power Miser" technology, current consumption is significantly lower than that of competing manufacturers of AC motors. We can show this on an example of current consumption when the servo is completely blocked - the Hitec AC servo is roughly a fifth of the current AC servo and even a tenth of the DC servo take-off. Another new feature is the use of an electronics with a 12-bit control processor that allows extraordinarily accurate and fast control of ultra-high resolution servo motion - making full use of the 4096 steps the new Aurora 9X or Flash 7 offers! Another advantageous feature is that the servo will not depend on the supply voltage of the servos - whether you are powered by a NiMH five-cell or a LiPo twin-cell, the servo will have the same thrust (the speed will be higher at higher voltages - DC "servos).

Another benefit of the Hitec AC servo is the regenerative braking - when the engine is stopped, the servo does not consume electricity but can return it to the receiver battery.

The servo electronics are programmable, they can be programmed using the DPC-10 or DPC-11 PC interfaces, along with a comfortable PC or PC utility. Separate HFP-30 programmer is ideal for setting up in field conditions. Programmable features:

  • FAIL SAFE off / On (Off)
  • Sense of rotation
  • Speed
  • Center, end points of deflection and emergency position fail-safe (allows you to set servo deflection up to 180 °)
  • Width of dead band
  • Soft start (protects the servo and the helmsman's control mechanism when the on-board electronics is on)
  • Saving and opening parameters files
  • Reset servo to factory defaults

Insertion of Hitec alternating servos

The regenerative braking may have some special features when installing servos:

  • The servo is powered directly from the receiver battery (via a receiver without a power stabilizer or electronic back-up system) - in which case AC servos can be connected as regular heavy servos, reverse current will recharge the receiver battery when braking <" / Li>
  • The servo is powered by the "powerbox" of the electronic power supply / back-up system - in this case it is necessary to use a PAD return current absorber that will eliminate the return current during braking. If you do not use the PAD absorber, there is a risk of damage to the electronics of the power system. For details on using the PAD absorber, refer to the servo operating instructions.

Super fast digital servo with standard titanium-size AC motor and output shaft mounted in 2 ball bearings with increased supply voltage. The other gear axes are mounted in sliding bronze bushings to ensure high service life and accurate running. The Servo is especially suited for 3D helicopters and planes and other demanding applications with emphasis on high resolution, precision and super fast response of the control electronics. Powerful AC motor with low current consumption ensures optimum operating conditions even at high load. The new servo output shaft with 25 teeth is also newly solved (it enables more precise adjustment of the lever perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the servos) and the new servo levers (not compatible with existing Hitec servos).

Due to the increased power supply (up to 7.4V, 2s Li-poly / Li-Fe), it makes it very easy to implement the onboard electronics with 2.4GHz Maxima or Optima receivers when feeding Li-poly or Li-Fe double cell without the need for additional stabilizers Or regulators.

Servos size Standard
Servo type digital
Stroke at 6.0V [kg / cm] 17
Stroke at 7.4V [kg / cm] 17
Speed \u200b\u200bat 6.0V [s / 60h.] 0.08
Speed \u200b\u200bat 7.4V [s / 60h.] 0.06
Ball bearings 2xBB
Highvoltage Yes
Power [V] 6 - 7.4"
Length [mm] 40
Width [mm] 20
Height [mm] 38
Weight [g] 68
Intended for Airplanes, helicopters, road cars, terrain cars, boats
Number of teeth of the spindle 25

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