D980TW ultra strong digi servo (44kg)

Monstrously powerful digi servo with new-generation titanium gears with electronics with lightning-fast response for demanding applications. Programmable, 4.8-7.4V power supply. Thrust 26kg.cm, speed 0.28s / 60 ° at 4.8V, thrust 44kg.cm, speed 0.17s / 60 ° at


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Hitec D Series Servos

The new Hitec D series digital servos combine a responsive response, accuracy and high resolution 4096 steps in the HS-8xxx servo series with HS-7xxx servo programming capabilities. In fact, the existing servos are far superior to the 32-bit processor and 12-bit ADC converter. In addition, they offer a "Wide Voltage" feature that allows battery power to be used over a wide range of 4.8 to 7.4 V rated voltages.

32bit MCU / 12bit ADC

The new 32-bit Hitec processor coupled with a 12-bit analog-to-digital converter converting feedback signal potentiometer offers the best ever servo response for RC models. You can also use the versatile DPC-11 PC interface (applicable to all Hitec serviceable servos) to tune your D-Series servos to maximum performance (variance, resolution, fail-safe, soft start, etc.) in a wide range of applications.

Wide Voltage

Hitec Technology "Wide Voltage" supports all types of receiver batteries with a nominal voltage of 4.8-7.4 V. This means that the servos can be directly powered by eg from four to six cell NiMH or NiCd battery, LiFe, LiPo or Li-ion - Of course, it must be borne in mind that the servo pull and speed depend on the supply voltage.

Twenty-five-tooth output shaft with 25 teeth

The D-Series Servo Output Shaft has a standard 25-tooth (as standard, allowing for more accurate lever adjustment perpendicular to the servo's longitudinal axis), and new levers with a matching thousand-square (not compatible with older Hitec servos) are used.

Soft start

Soft start protects the servo and rudder control mechanism when switching on the on-board electronics - after switching on the servo moves slowly to the neutral position - there is no sudden jerk


New control algorithm to prevent the servo from spontaneously oscillating at "sharp" servo deadband settings, saving gears and reducing current draw.

Programmable Features

With the new DPC-11 programmer / USB interface, you can set a number of parameters for the D servo to fit your application perfectly. D Series Servos have consistently high resolution; with the help of the "deflection size (EPA)" function you can set the servo deflection range up to 180 ° (with control signal with pulses of 0.9-2.1 ms). Programmable values are:

  • reset to factory defaults
  • deadband bandwidth (adjustable in 10 steps)
  • sense of rotation
  • rotation speed
  • neutral
  • soft start
  • deflection size (up to 180 °)
  • on or off fail-safe
  • fail-safe emergency deflection adjustment
  • overload protection (overload limitation 0-50%)

Splash Proof

Servos are resistant to splashing water and moisture (not designed for permanent immersion in water). As a result, they are also suitable for use in harsh operating conditions in RC cars, boats and other models where the servos are exposed to the weather.


A monstrously powerful titanium gear servo with output shaft mounted on two ball bearings for use in large RC models. Particularly suitable for giant aircraft models, racing RC cars 1: 5 and similar applications with extremely high pull force requirements.

It will replace the HS-7980TH servos in the future.

Servo size Standard
Servo type digital
Stroke at 4.8V [kg / cm] 26
Stroke at 6.0V [kg / cm] 36
Stroke at 7.4V [kg / cm] 44
Speed at 4.8V [s / 60st.] 0.28
Speed at 6.0V [s / 60st.] 0.21
Speed at 7.4V [s / 60st.] 0.17
Servo Transfers titanium
Ball bearings 2xBB
Highvoltage Yes
Power Supply [V] 4.8 - 7.4
Length [mm] 43.8
Width [mm] 22.4
Height [mm] 40
Weight [g] 78.2
Intended for airplanes, helicopters, road cars, off-road cars, sailboats, ships
The number of teeth of a thousand square shaft 25
Water Resistance splash-proof (p

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