XRAY X1'24 - 1/10 FORMULA

XRAY X1'24 - 1/10 FORMULA


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More info

An even better steering feel and noticeably calmer driving behavior. That's the company's new X1 2024 formula chassis
X RAY. But not only that, it far surpasses anything you know so far. Great options for setting geometry,
chassis flex, wheelbase or track, up to shifting the center of gravity. This version is ready to use
rubber wheels, as well as moss ones.
Bottom line, you set the formula so that the driving characteristics suit you.

New features:
- Redesigned chassis layout with new side braces for additional flex control.
- The forward position of the steering servo increases the space for electronics and improves weight balance.
- The new front bulkhead increases the graphite plate for mounting the arms and provides more space for
steering rods and a larger range of bump steer settings.
- Rear bulkheads with a lower center of gravity have 2 centering pins instead of one for better resistance to
- Smaller and lighter eccentric bushings provide finer steps and better adjustability.
- The rear graphite reinforcement offers easier mounting of 30/40mm cooling fans
- New battery mounting system with redesigned graphite rear brace and front battery stop
allows for easier battery installation and placement

A new front bulkhead raises the top to create more room for steering linkages and more options
bump steer setting.

The chassis allows different settings of the torsional stiffness by means of different fastening of the upper plate and thus
provide optimal torque for different surface types and different tires. There are three options
? Soft - soft setting, when the chassis has the most twist. The steering column is attached only to
minimum wage
? Medium - medium setting. The upper plateau connects the steering column via a 3x6x7mm washer and
rear pillar.
? Stiff - a stiff setting where the chassis has the least torsion. A long topdeck connects the post
steering and rear column. A short topdeck connects the steering column to the forward bulkhead.

The Xray X1 2024 chassis allows two mounts for the steering servo and the entire front axle. That changes
weight distribution as well as chassis wheelbase. The new front position brings more weight to the front wheels and
improves the overall balance of the chassis.

The rear of the chassis has been reworked to make it stronger and more resistant to twisting when larger
accidents. It consists of low-profile bulkheads. The lower carbon plateau is secured by two pins on
instead of one. The upper carbon plateau is also newly attached with two pins and one pipe.

New smaller eccentric inserts now allow finer ride height adjustment. The difference between the liners is
only 0.25mm instead of 0.5mm in the previous version.

The rear joint mount has been redesigned. The amount of material has been increased to make it fit
more durable.

The rear brace was reinforced at the point of attachment of the rear wing. At the same time, it was modified so that it was
it is possible to move the battery and thus choose the optimal weight distribution of the chassis. It is also easier on the battery
put in and take out.

The new rear wing mount adds 4 more wing height adjustments. Top two options
they represent maximum downforce and increase the grip of the rear axle. The bottom two settings improve
cornering and rotation in corners. The low setting is mainly used with moss tires and
meets the rules of the European organization EFRA for the height of the rear wing.

The side braces of the chassis have been redesigned and offer additional adjustment options when using moss
col. The new front brace is attached to the front arm and the side brace. This will limit itself even more
torsion in the front part of the chassis for tracks with high grip.

There are 4 options for adjusting the torsion of the chassis using the side braces:
? Soft - side reinforcements are not used. This is the softest setting that generates the biggest
the amount of mechanical adhesion. It is used for tracks with low to medium grip and for
rubber wheels.
? Medium - the side reinforcements are only fixed in the middle and back part. It is about
compromise between mechanical grip and cornering.
? Stiff - side braces attached along the entire length. The setting adds more stiffness. Recommended for
high grip carpet (US black carpet). It reduces the torsion of the chassis and reduces the overall
adhesion. Recommended settings for moss tires.
? Exta Stiff - in addition, a strengthening front part is installed, which connects the side stiffeners and the front
lower arms. The setup provides maximum chassis stiffness.

The planetary differential is part of the kit because it has become the most popular option and is usable
on most track types and tire types. At the same time, it improves the handling of the chassis.

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