Z-POXY 5min 237ml (8fl oz) 5min. epoxy

Top 5-minute clear two-component epoxy adhesive. Packaging: 237 ml bottle (1/2 P + T).


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Fast-curing, two-component epoxy adhesive with high strength, resistant to fuel and vibration; after complete curing, easily grindable. He does not bark aging.


  • The mixing ratio of the components: 1: 1 (by volume and by weight)
  • Initial color: Clear opalescent to slightly yellowish
  • Final color: slightly yellowish
  • Working time (to gel): 4-6 min (18 ° C to 27 ° C)
  • The glued parts can be manipulated: after 30 minutes
  • Full cure: 16 h
  • Gap filling capability: max. 6 mm
  • Hardness (Shore, D): 75-83 (after full cure)
  • Shear Strength (on steel): 8270 kPa (± 20%)
  • Shear Strength (on Aluminum): 3790 kPa (± 20%)
  • Temperature resistance of bonded joint: -40 ° C to + 80 ° C

Removing excess uncured adhesive: a cloth or paper napkin moistened with denatured alcohol.

Dilution: thinner for S6300 epoxy varnish (use of thinner extends the cure time and reduces final bond strength - if you need a "thinner" epoxy, use a low viscosity laminating or finishing epoxy).

Use as sealant, suitable fillers: microballoons, talc, baby powder, kieselguhr, fine balsamic or lime sawdust, chopped glass fibers. Attention - addition of the filler can reduce the working time by up to 25% and (depending on the type and amount of filler used) may reduce the strength of the joint.

Suitable for bonding: soft and hard wood, chipboard, plywood, metals, foamed polystyrene, ceramics, porcelain, glass and carbon laminates, glass and carbon fabrics and fibers.

Not suitable for bonding: soft and flexible plastics (including EPP and EPO), polyethylene, teflon.

Storage: in a tightly closed package, in cold, dry and dark. Do not expose to temperatures below 5 ° C. Be careful not to replace the resin and hardener caps - even a small amount of hardener can degrade a large amount of resin. < / p>

Shelf life: When the correct storage conditions are met, the manufacturer guarantees a shelf life of 1 year, while maintaining the above mentioned product properties. Practical experience shows that ZAP epoxies have maintained their excellent properties for good storage for many years (see also Note 2) - if you buy a glue package that is adequate for your consumption, you do not have to worry about its life at all.

Note: 1: Curing of the adhesive depends mainly on the ambient temperature; if you mix a larger amount of epoxide at a time (typically more than 20-30 g), it can be harder to cure - in order to maintain longer working hours, the adhesive should be cooled, for example, in a water bath. This is due to the heat release of the resin and hardener and, at a higher temperature, the resin cure faster. And, as the volume increases, the weight of the resin (and hence the amount of heat generated) increases faster than the surface of the outer surface from which the heat is drawn to the surrounding area, the larger the amount of resin is heated and cured faster. Do not you believe? Believe! The 1 cm cube has a volume of 1 cm3 and a surface of 6 cm2 - a ratio of 6: 1 while a 2 cm side cube has a volume of 8 cm3 and a surface of 24 cm2 - a ratio of only 3: 1!

Note: 2: Originally clear and quite well liquid epoxy resins can sometimes thicken ("scratch" like bee honey) and lose transparency - due to exposure to low temperatures, humidity or time. Carefully warm it up in hot water (60-70 ° C) for a few minutes until the resin becomes clean again in the whole volume, again giving you the "new" resin with its original properties. This is the official recommendation of the manufacturer. A quick but slightly risky alternative is to heat the resin in the microwave for 10-15 seconds at 750 W - no more! Attention, the resin container must be open to prevent it from splashing when it is too hot. < / i>

The product contains substances classified as dangerous according to Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008. See the "Download" section for details.