PH122 Ryan STA 1800mm 1: 5 ARF

Semi-scale American sports aircraft with a span of 1800mm for 2-stroke 12-15cc, four-stroke 15-20cc or petrol engines 15ccm. Construction hull and bearing surfaces coated with Oracover. Controlled ail


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Company Ryan is inherently associated with the golden age of American aviation on the 20th and 30th years. In addition to the light transport planes (from which it was derived Lindbergh Spirit of St. Louis) in history has taken a significant number of two-seater trainer and sports aircraft Ryan ST (Sport - Trainer). They are from 1933 built in large numbers with different engines - ordinary inverting and radial for civilian users and during World War II. World War II by the thousands for the Air Force. In smaller quantities were manufactured for one special version (STA Sport - Trainer - Aerobatic), with reinforced chassis and powerful engine, which scored a series of victories in aerobatics competitions 30s.

Semi-scale American sports and trainer aircraft for the drive motor 10 to 15 cc two-stroke, four stroke 15 to 18 cc, 15 cc petrol engine or AC motor AXI 4130 class with 6-8S LiPo battery. The fuselage is a classic design in combination balsa / lightweight plywood, engine cover is fiberglass. Access to space to accommodate the battery and on-board electronics provides a removable upper torso. The two-piece wing with polosouměrným profile with aluminum alloy pipe coupling is also a classic balsa structure to the hull bottom is fixed with screws. The ailerons and flaps are controlled by two independent servos. Classically also balsa tail. Rudder and elevator are controlled servos mounted in the space above the wing - one rudder servo drive with lanyard and also one elevator servo with two wire handles. The whole model is coated with iron-on transfer Oracover. The chassis is a two-round main wire legs (fitted with fiberglass covers) and controllable spur.

Kit includes: built fuselage, wing and tail surfaces covered with iron sheets, fiberglass engine cover, wired chassis, steerable spur wheels, laminated undercarriage covers, spinner, adjustable motor mount, acrobatic fuel tank, a set of small accessories, sheet labels, image guidance for building. < / P>

Margin [mm] 1800
Length [mm] 1355
Weight [g] 4100 - 4300
Wing area [dm 2] 51
Recommended tank volume [ml] 250-350
controlled functions S, V, K (2), M, F (2)
Building intensity S2
Difficulty piloting P3

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