Fast nanoservo 4.8 g with plastic gears for small electrolets. Thrust 0.6 kg.cm, speed 0.09s / 60 ° at 4.8 V. Dimensions 20x8.6x17 mm. Only for 4.8 V supply (or 5 V from BEC).


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Fast nanoservo 4.8 grams of plastic gears and ball bearings with increased tension suitable for small slow-flyers, microhelicopters and more lightweight models. Quality coreless motor and new potentiometer with high durability for smooth operation and high performance.

Package includes: Servo HS-40, 2 two-arm lever short lever dvoramennou long (52 mm), 2 four-arm lever and mounting bolts.

size servos Micro
type servo analog
Move at 4.8V [kg / cm] 0.6
The speed at 4.8V [s / 60st.] 0.09
transfers servos plastic
Ball bearings no
High-voltage No
[V] 4.8
Length [mm] 20
Width [mm] 8.6
Height [mm] 17
Weight [g] 4.8
Intended for planes, helicopters

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