Caribbean V2 RTR 2.4GHz sailboat red

Footy class RTR set with a two-channel 2.4GHz RC set for beginners. Plastic hull, 100% ready to sail, controlled sails and rudder. Hull and sails red-black-white, transmitter in mode 2.


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Although today nebrázdí waves of the Caribbean Black Pearl, with our new small Caribbean can dominate any bigger or smaller pond pool as it could only Captain Jack Sparrow!

Caribbean is a small scale model of a sailboat in the scale of 1:46 corresponding rules to the class Footy; ideal holiday companion to the water, or for lazy weekend afternoons at the pool in the garden. You just four AA alkaline batteries into the transmitter-receiver battery 3x AAA- and go. Caribbean it is supplied as a fully finished RC set - completely assembled sailboat with installed electronics and a dual-channel proportional joystick transmitter 2.4 GHz.

The ship's hull is plastic, easy access to the waterproof receiver and servos controlling the rudder and sails guarantees cover secured with a single bolt. The mast is made up of carbon tube, booms are plastic sheets are made of solid synthetic fabric with reinforced corners glued plastic film for protection against tear. Immovable rigging made of steel thin strings model delivering a surprisingly high rigidity and durability. The keel is cast from metal together with Fairing loads fin rudder is plastic.

Onboard electronics supplies the removable 3x AAA. One battery typically lasts about 15 minutes, with a freshly charged battery lasts Caribbean cruise the waters of your pool for about half an hour.

The transmitter is equipped with digital trims both channels, allowing precise adjustment and convenient management model. Sailing lessons will help you with detailed instructions explaining the pictorial guide maneuvering the boat while sailing downwind against him. Words such as jigger, orca, Hals, cruising ... now you will no secret!

Along with the ship is supplied plastic stand that will at times outside the sailing season will allow to transform Caribbean in an elegant residential accessory. < / P>

RC set includes: ready-made model sailing ship ready to sail, channel transmitter 2.4 GHz, stand and instruction manual.

Tip: a class competitions Footy You can learn more at or on the website of the Polish race organizer, the three countries (Germany, Poland, Czech Republic)

Length [mm] 260
Width [mm] 90
Mast height [mm] 320
Height [mm] 435
Weight [g] 175
Sail area [dm 2] 2.47
Area orcas [dm 2] 0.8
Area or part thereof Gaff [dm 2] 1.67

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