KZ ZSN Pro X Headphones with microphone - black

A stylishly made and improved version of the amazing KZ ZSN Pro headphones. These are headphones "behind the ears" weighing 27 grams, with a quality silver-plated twisted cable with a length of 1.25 m. The cable has a controller with an integrated microphone a


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The sound field and sense of hearing are comprehensively enhanced
Classic hybrid technology is revolutionizing metal headphones again

4 new upgrades as always professional

Upgrade configuration
Acoustic Black Technology - Resetting the magnetic gap and diaphragm to give the dual magnetic moving coil a whole new powerful performance.

Sound quality upgrade
Black technology large size dual magnetic dynamic + 30095 classic hybrid technology brings amazing sound.

Cable upgrade
The standard high-purity silver-plated wire that Hi-Fi players love for improved high-frequency extension and low-frequency fullness.

Appearance upgrade
Metal and resin are mixed and matched, and the new matching of bright colors brings another unique beauty.

Brand new bright color, shiny zinc alloy
The texture is much better than headphones at the same price
The unique sparkle of metal combines with the shine of imported resin, and every angle is dazzling. The excellent craftsmanship and detailed appearance are rare in other headphones of the same price.

Acoustic technology
Reshape The Magnetic Gap
Redefine 10mm dual magnetic dynamic
The distance between the magnetic cores is the magnetic gap of the audio unit. Adjusting the magnetic dynamics gap reduces eddy current loss, increases lift, provides rich low frequency performance, provides a wide frequency response, and delivers an on-site sonic experience.

Standard configuration for popular Hi-Fi players!
100 core high purity silver plated cable
4 fibers of 100 cores are tightly wound and the silver-plated layer effectively increases the resolution of details. The sound field is wide and natural, and signal transmission losses and distortions are reduced.

The professional acoustic team intensively researches and tunes
Show the natural rich analytical performance of the hybrid technology configuration
Flexible low-frequency and smooth mid-frequency dynamics plus clear high-frequency and detailed analysis of the balanced armature are tuned and merged by professional and scientific adjustments. The interpretation is like an immersive sound effect that adds richer and clearer details to the human voice.

Model: KZ ZSN Pro X
Weight: 27±3g
Wearing: Ear hook
Sensitivity: 112dB
Impedance: 25?
Frequency: 7-40000Hz
Line length: 125±5cm
Plug type: 3.5 mm
Pin Type: 0.75mm
Configuration: 10mm DD x1 30095 BA x1

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