AXI 2826/10 V2 LONG AC motor

New generation AC electric motor with rotating casing with extended conical front face for easy installation in gliders. For gliders up to 3000g, power supply Lixx 3-4s, shaft 5 mm, regulator 50-70A.


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The new generation of AXI 2826 / xx V2 has higher performance thanks to its sophisticated design, which in conjunction with an integrated cooling system based on the principle of a turbine effect of the air flow keeps the engine cooler winding up to 20%. A special version of "Long" has a prolonged tapered front edge for easy installation into hulls of small diameter glider nose.

Robust and reliable high performance brushless motors AXI 2826 / xx V2 with rotating drum and the neodymium magnets are hardened steel shaft with a diameter of 5 mm disposed in three ball bearings, which ensures very good mechanical stability at both normal and reverse installation and allows high dynamic loads common in aerobatic flying and guarantee a long service life. Rotors engines of AXI 2826 / xx V2 are balanced on most modern dynamic balancing equipment from a reputable company Schenck. Quality Japanese bearings supplied to the engines of the V2 exhibit improved durability and quiet operation.

Series motors AXI 2826 / xx V2 are due to its large torque suitable for large propellers without the need for a gearbox, which ensures excellent efficiency of the drive.

The labeling system of motors: AXI xxyy / zz
xx - stator diameter in mm
YY - stator length in mm
zz - number of threads

AXI 2826/10 V2 Long is a brushless motor for driving the learned models with flying weight to 3000 g with power from three to pětičlánkového Li-poly. Excellent for HOTLINER to 2 kg, 2.5 to 3.5 m thermal gliders like.

Motor mounting: AXI 2826/10 V2 Long is primarily designed for front mounting, but after buying the appropriate kit it can be used in the rear mounting. When the front face for mounting the engine using four M3 screws that extend into the front of the engine in the range of 4-5 mm. Motor bulkhead should be 5 mm plywood air.

Set engine comprising: a brushless motor AXI 2826/10 V2 Long cables, instructions.

Power LiXX Articles 3-4
Revolutions per volt [ot./min/V] 920
number of turns 10
Internal resistance [mOhm] 42
No-load current [A] 1.7
max. efficiency [%] 86
Current at Max. Efficiency (?> 78%) of [A] 20-30
Max. peak current (60) [A] 44
Max. power [W] 740
Diameter [mm] 35
Length [mm] 57.5
Shaft diameter [mm] 5
Weight [g] 187
number of poles 14
Timing [°] 15-25
Controller [A] 50-70
Gliders weight [g] 3000
Recommended propeller 3S: 14x7 "
Recommended propeller 3S: 13x6 "

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