FOXY G2 AC motor C5340-195

Alternating electric motor with rotating casing for aircraft models: glider 15kg, trainer 10kg, acro 7kg, 3D 5kg, KV195 rpm on V, power supply Lixx 6-12s, shaft 8.0 mm. Including carrier for fixed pro


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G2 FOXY engines are high-performance brushless (AC "brushless") čtrnáctipólové motors with rotating case ( "outrunner") with excellent electrical properties, sophisticated design and top-notch production processing. Shafts hardened steel and high-quality bearings ensure high durability, quality materials used for manufacturing the stator by the rotor also ensures excellent performance characteristics at high efficiency. These are low speed engines with high torque propeller coping with a large diameter and pitch without the need for transmission.

Labeling system engines: CxxYY / zzzz
C - brushless motor with rotating case ( "outrunner", "outrunners")
xx - stator diameter in mm
YY - stator length in mm
zzzz - the number of revolutions per volt (ot./min/V), "KV"

FOXY C5340-195 G2 is a big brushless motor learned to drive models with a flying weight of up to 15,000 g with power from eight- or desetičlánkového Li-poly battery. Perfect for electrification models designed to drive gasoline engines and 35-50 cc of course to drive ELEKTER as an excellent 3D YAK-55 2200 mm Gernot Bruckmann.

The engine casing is provided with a ring with milled grooves for magnets, which reduces the risk of loosening under heavy loads.

Motor mounting: FOXY C5340-195 G2 is designed for front and rear mounting. When mounted behind the front face of the engine using at least four M4 bolts which extend into the head of the motor in the range of 5-6 mm. Motor bulkhead should be of 10 mm plywood air. Location quaternion external fixing holes at the head of the engine coincides with the position fixing holes in motors original series C5020 / C5025.

Set engine includes: FOXY brushless motor G2 C5340-195 with soldered cables with 4 mm gold plated connectors, carrier for fixed pitch propeller, set for rear assembly instructions. < / P>

Power LiXX Articles 6-12
The speed at Volt [ot./min/V] 195
Number of turns 7
Max. power (180 s) [W] 3770
Internal resistance [mOhm] 25
No-load current (10 V) [A] 1.8
Current at max. Efficiency (?> 85%) [A] 10-45
Max. peak current (180 s) [A] 85
Diameter [mm] 63
Length [mm] 70
Shaft diameter [mm] 8
Weight [g] 783
Number of poles 14
Timing [°] 15-25
The regulator [A] 100-120
Glider in weight [g] 15000
Trainer to the weight [g] 10000
Acrobat in weight [g] 7000
3D into the mass [g] 5500
Recommended propeller 10S: 22X12-24X12 "
12S: 22X12 "

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