Javelin 610mm

Full-body design with rubber drive with simple construction. Die parts, propellers, rubber bundle and cover. material. Span 610 mm.


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Highwing Javelin is the perfect first step for modelers who wants to start building minimakety powered by rubber (as a general model for the acquisition of basic experience with classical building is recommended to first build eg. One of the gliders A3 or A1 as our Sojka, Owl, Sparkle or Olympic ). You learn to build "žbrdličkovou" skeleton of the fuselage and wings, covering paper - just all the basic skills of classical modelařiny. While that building is not much they expect hundreds of hours in the workshop, thanks to a highly preprocessed parts it goes like clockwork. Additionally, on the construction progress can be no doubt - built after the numbers! First, part no. 1 and no. 2, no. 3 ...

Designers freely flying model designed for driving by rubber. The model is very simple classical balsa structure in Rozsyp with předseknutými wooden parts and plastic parts drawn by injection molding.

Kit contains: balsa předseknuté parts, balsa wood beams, plastic propeller shaft and head, rubber harness, plastic wheels, steel strings on chassis and other small parts, plasticine as a burden, lining paper sheet wet decals, construction plan.

Tip for construction: Předseknuté parts NEVYLAMUJTE! Turn the plank, place it on a work surface and lightly sand the fine sandpaper (no. 220 or finer). The parts can then be easily separated; if they still have some wood fibers "tied" to a cutting board, carefully separate the part of the pattern, using a sharp knife (suitable eg. Excel No.1 knife with a blade No.11).

Treatment of rubber harness: The new rubber carefully wash it in soapy water and allow to dry. Then, lubricate it with castor oil (sold in pharmacies) or silicone grease to lubricate fishing lines (available in most stores fishing equipment). After flying harness with the model, remove and store it in a sealed plastic bag. Lubricated rubber volume unfolds smoothly and with less friction - provides more power and last longer. The new bundle is also advisable to first fetch - for the first 2-3 years to film only 80-100 rpm, only then can safely shoot more.

Margin [mm] 700
Length [mm] 550
controlled functions None
Building intensity S1
Difficulty piloting P0

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