Invento kite Bebop Vibe 69 x 145 cm

Truly Professional Quality Stunt Kite Bebop Vib 69 x 145cm Carbon Fiber Frame Ripstop-Polyester Material.


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More info

Really professional high-quality controllable kite BEBOP VIBE , 69 x 145 cm, including polyester strings 40kp 2x20m, carbon fiber frame, material Ripstop-Polyester.

BEBOP is a very easy to fly kite for pilots aged 8 and up. It has excellent flight characteristics even with very little wind, has a high degree of flexibility and is very resistant even in the event of a crash. The strong sail material contributes even more to the stability of the kite.
The kite flies very quietly and is therefore also ideal for flying on the beach. The flight characteristics of the BEBOPU have been specially adapted to the needs of beginners. The wind window is large, control in a wide range of wind is very easy and the kite does not turn.

Technical Specifications:
Wingspan 145 cm
Height: 69 cm
Sails made of Ripstop-Polyester
Rods: laminate 4+5 mm
Line: incl., polyester 20 kp, 2 x 20 m on reel with loops

The kite is suitable for children from 8 years old.