Invento dragon Salsa III Jungle

Really professional quality controllable stunt kite Salsa III Jungle 80 x 180 cm, carbon fiber frame, material Ripstop-Polyester.


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More info

Really professional quality controllable kite SALSA III JUNGLE, 80 x 188 cm, carbon fiber frame, material Ripstop-Polyester.

Made in Germany, light quality RIPSTOP-POLYESTER, for wind 6-38 km/h, easy to control, colorful non-fading colors, strong carbon fiber frame. The sports kite SALSA III JUNGLE is extra sensitive to control, which makes it one of the favorite kites for professional pilots.
The new Salsa III is better than its predecessor in every respect - faster, more powerful, more accurate, more robust. With its new sail design, it paints beautiful pictures in the sky. At the same time, Salsa III is quite fast and powerful. Its direct feedback makes it easy for beginners to start kite sports. The scaffolding is designed to be extremely robust and withstand falls effortlessly. The Salsa III can fly very cleanly in a wide range of winds - with decent accuracy. It convincingly controls even simpler standard tricks.
Thanks to the versatility of the model, pilots are never bored, as the scope of its possibilities is seemingly endless.

Technical Specifications:
Wingspan 188 cm Stack height: 80 cm
Height 95 cm
Sails made of Ripstop-Polyester
Rods: carbon fiber + hybrid 5 mm
Cable: incl., Dyneema 50 kp, 2 x 25 m on a reel with loops
Wind: 2-5 Bf. (6-38 km/h, 4-24 mph)

The kite is suitable for children aged 14 and over.