Multicopters also known as RC drones are very popular. We offer quadrocopters and hexacopters by well-known brands including spare parts. For hobbyists as well as professional who are flying, we also offer accessories for drones such as cameras, lighting, propellers, hobby or professional control units suitable for flights with acrobatic features. Among the most technologically advanced units are the powerful Walkera Vitus 320 drone , which offer a brand new experience from discovering the world through shooting and recording from heights. 


New products

  • SKY RC T400Q nabíječ 4x100W
    SKY RC T400Q nabíječ 4x100W
    232,13 €
  • WRC brushes (4)
    WRC brushes (4)
    6,50 €
  • WRC tire (2)
    WRC tire (2)
    3,03 €