ABS board, white, 1.0x493x329mm

dimensions 493x329mm, thickness: 1.0mm


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More info

ABS board can be cut, drilled, sanded and hot-formed. Email colors are suitable for coloring.

Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (abbreviation ABS) is an amorphous thermoplastic industrial copolymer that is resistant to mechanical damage. Rigid, tough, resistant to low and high temperatures depending on the type, low absorption, harmless to health. It is resistant to acids, hydroxides, hydrocarbons, oils, fats.

It can be processed up to a temperature of 280 °C. At higher temperatures, it starts to decompose. Its density is 1,045 kg/m3 and shrinkage is 0.3-0.7%. The heat resistance of the products is up to 105 °C.

ABS edges are more environmentally friendly than classic polyvinyl chloride, as carbon gases are not produced when the material is burned, even in the event of a fire. At the same time, it is less dense, so it has a lighter composition.

It is possible to glue with solvent glues based on toluene and methylene chloride, as well as with polyacrylate glues. (UHU HART, UHU ALL PLASTICS, BISON PLASTIC and BISON POWER ADHESIVE)

ABS does not contain bisphenol.

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