DJI Care Refresh (OSMO ACTION)

DJI Care Refresh is an effective, comprehensive paid warranty on DJI products, which allows two replacements of a damaged unit during normal operation for 1 year. This is an electronic version. The code will be sent by e-mail based on the order.


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More info

More info

DJI Care Refresh is a paid service that offers an extended warranty for accidental product damage, is valid for 12 months and offers up to two full refunds at an additional cost if your model is accidentally damaged during normal use. Each time you request a replacement, you will receive a replacement unit that is new or equivalent in quality to the existing unit in terms of performance and reliability.

DJI Care Refresh applies to:

  • camera
  • battery

The duration of DJI Care Refresh is 12 months after activation, after which time Care Refresh cannot be extended for this product.
DJI Care Refresh is tied to a specific S / N model number.

When using DJI Care Refresh, the first exchange fee is 29, - EUR, the second exchange fee is 39, - EUR.

The subject of the sale is the license code for the service provided by DJI. This is an electronic version. The code will be sent by email based on order. See the DJI Care Refresh for more information

Activation and eventual application of DJI Care Refresh requires direct communication between the customer and DJI in English.