M4 (pnp) kit with motor, servos and ESC - yellow

3D helicopter kit of "380" class with CCPM 120° cyclic plate with 875 mm diameter main rotor powered by AC motor. The PNP version includes: unassembled model, AC motor, 4x servo, controller, carrier and balancing rotor blades.


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The popular OMP HOBBY M1 and M2 mini-helicopters now get a bigger brother - the "380" M4 class 3D helicopter. The "eM-four" has a CCPM 120° gyre plate with a flybarless "paddle-less" rotor head. A powerful AC motor directly drives the 875 mm diameter support rotor, and the balancing rotor is driven by a toothed belt. You can install your favorite flybarless control unit, 6S LiPo battery 2200 mAh and of course a reliable RC kit.You get 4 digital servos and a 65A regulator with governor function together with the model.

Let's take a closer look at this newest addition to the OMP Hobby hangar. The basis of the hull construction is a pair of carbon sidewalls connected by duralumin and plastic partitions. The "heart" is a duralumin structure carrying a SUNNYSKY R80-5 AC motor with an attached main shaft housing with bearings and circulator plate servo holders. The bearing rotor has a direct drive, the balancing rotor is driven by a toothed belt. The cycler plate and rotor head with blade carriers are all metal from precision CNC machined parts. All control rods are equipped with bolts allowing the length of the rods to be fine-tuned without the need to remove the ball studs. The tail beam is made of a profiled duralumin tube, the vertical stabilizer and the sides of the balancer rotor drive housing are carbon. The head and vanes of the leveling rotor are also all metal; yawing is controlled by a servo located in the lower part of the fuselage with a carbon rod. The chassis is made of tough plastic reinforced with glass fibers.

A basic set of sheets is supplied with the model; for the carrier rotor a pair of 385mm blades and a pair of 71mm blades for the balancing rotor.

You will need at least a six-channel RC set to control the helicopter; for full-fledged classic and 3D flying, you need a computer transmitter with adjustable 2-3 flight modes with at least five-point collective curves for hovering and acrobatics and another mode for autorotation.

The helicopter is ready to install a flybarless control unit - you can easily use most control units suitable for helicopters of this size, such as Bavarian Demon 3X or AXON, Futaba CGY760R or CGY755 and many others.

The model in the (pnp) version comes with 4 fast and powerful digital microservos (3 for cyclic and one for yaw) and a 65A electronic speed controller with governor function OMP HOBBY designed directly for the M4 helicopter.

For power, you will need a six-cell 22.2V 2000-2200mAh LiPo battery with a 60C load rating necessary to fully utilize the engine's power and the helicopter's capabilities.

The easy-to-remove sports cabin is made of a very light molding made of durable plastic - you can choose from three color schemes guaranteeing good visibility and "readability" of the helicopter's position in the air.

The M4 is a full-fledged 3D helicopter with a controlled collective - and as such it assumes and requires adequate piloting experience. It's not a "drone" where you just add gas, it takes off and hangs "like a nail" without any steering intervention. The M4 will be thoroughly enjoyed by intermediate to advanced pilots who already have experience flying collective ("six-channel") helicopters. However, with a sufficient dose of perseverance, humility, previous diligent training on a computer RC simulator and under the supervision of an experienced pilot, even a novice helicopter pilot can start flying with the M4.

The helicopter kit contains: a complete set of mechanical parts, a SUNNYSKY R80-5 AC motor, 4 digital servos, a 65 A controller, blades of the carrier and leveling rotor, instructions for construction and adjustment.

Carrier rotor diameter [mm] 875
Balancing rotor diameter [mm] 190
Body length [mm] 786
Width [mm]128
Height [mm] 226
Weight [g] 1370
Controlled functions M,Kl,Ko,Kp,Vr,Gyro
Difficulty of construction S2, S3
Difficulty of piloting P3, P4

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