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OPTIMA SL receiver S-Bus compatible

Nine-channel S-BUS compatible 2.4GHz telemetry receiver with full-range dual omnidirectional antenna for working with flybarless systems. Power supply 4,8-7,4V or SPC system (4,8-35V). Dimensions 48x2


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Devítikanálový 2.4 GHz receiver with Hitec AFHSS system with telemetry transmission, full range and an increased supply voltage range (4-5 Ni-xx, 2s Li-Poly), serial output (S-Bus compatible) for use with a three-axis gyroscopic systems. Determine receiver for general use in normal and large models of all categories; its small size, low weight and connectors zasouvaným longitudinal axis is suitable for models with a very slender hull. Using AFHSS transmission technology provides high noise immunity and the ability to set the emergency deflections (fail-safe) in case of failure or strong interference signal transmitter. OPTIMA SL 2.4GHz includes circuits of two receivers with specific antennae which operate in parallel, ensuring correct installation of antennas (mutually perpendicular) high-reliability transmission of control signal, regardless of the relative position of the transmitter and the model. In this way it is possible to minimize the influence of directivity receiver antennas to achieve hitherto unknown levels of security transfer control signal for large and fast models of airplanes and helicopters.

Optima SL has eight outputs with standard-width modulated (PWM) servo signals (CH1 - CH8) and a serial output signal (S-Bus compatible) indicated SL.

Pairing with a transmitter and setting the fail-safe emergency deflection is done with the programming SET button on the receiver operating states are indicated by 2 LEDs.

Telemetry: The receiver has a data jack ( "DATA") to connect telemetry exchanges telemetry for transmission to the transmitter. The control panel allows you to connect up to 8 sensors. Without additional sensors receiver to the transmitter transmits data on the value of the supply voltage of the receiver.

SPC system: In addition to the normal supply of Article 4-5. NiCd / NiMH or lithium accumulator 2s (Li-poly, Li-Fe, Li-ion) can be powered via the receiver built power stabilizer. In this case the supply voltage (V 4,8-35) fed on SPC drawer from which the jumper removed, is supplied by the receiver. SPC system provides power only receiver to power servos need for any of the outlets of channels 1 ... 9 bring supply voltage 4.8 to 7.4 V (depending on the type of servo voltage greater than 6.0 V for servos series HV) V. Thanks to SPC for electro receiver can be powered directly from the battery and the drive to bypass the risk of power failures or total failure of BEC power stabilizer in the speed controller. For large models with combustion engines turn SPC can be used for simple creation of dual power system with independent battery for receiver and servos for another without the need for further additional circuits or equipment.

When using a PC interface HPP-22 utility (free download on the website PELIKAN DANIEL and Hitec) you can update the software of the receiver.

OPTIMA SL 2.4GHz receiver is equipped with sockets for standard connectors UNI (= JR / Graupner, Hitec, Futaba).

Allows connection stabilization system MULTIPLEX WINGSTABI.

Set the receiver comprising: a receiver Optima SL, instruction manual.

Modulation / Coding 2.4GHz AFHSS
number of channels 9
serial output S-BUS
Function Fail-safe, Telemetry
Power (4,8-35 V when SPC) 4.8V, 6V, 7.2V
Tests without servos [mA] 90
Length [mm] 48
Width [mm] 28.5
Height [mm] 10.6
Weight [g] 22

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