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HOTA D6 Pro Dual Smart Charger AC / DC 2 x 325W 15A Color LCD

Not only can the charger charge all kinds of batteries, it also includes wireless charging for smartphones.


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More info

More info

The HOTA D6 Pro Dual Smart Charger RC charger has two independent charging outputs and can be used in normal AC 230 V mains mode, on a car battery (DC 12 V), with a LiPo battery or other DC power supply (6.5-30 V) DC). When using an external 650W power supply, the charger charges a maximum 650W (2x325W) charging power of 0.1 to 15 A in 0.1 po in steps of 0.1 A.

When using an integrated power supply - AC mode 220V provides an integrated power supply with a maximum charging power of 200W (combinations of either on one 200W charging channel or on both charging channels (eg 100W + 100W) . Integrated balancers each have 1.6 A balancing current per cell with an balancing power of max 10 W per channel.

The RC charger has a 2.8 "IPS-LCD display with 320 x 240 pixels and a display of approximately 260,000 colors. The software can be updated via USB / Micro-USB-B.

Technical parameters:

Input voltage (AC): 100-240V
Input voltage (DC): 6.5-30V
Dimensions: 108 x 105 x 76mm
Charging Power: DC max 2 x 325 W (@ min 24 V), AC max 200 W (CH1 + CH2)
Weight: 555 g
Discharging power: internal max. 2 x 15 W, external max. 2 x 325 W
Charging current: 2 x 0.1-15.0 A
Discharge current: 2 x 0.1-3.0 A
Balancing power: max 2 x 10 W
Balancing current: max. 1.6 A / cell
LiPo / LiHV / LiFe / Li-Ion: 2 x 1-6 sec
NiCd / NiMH / NiZn: 2 x 1-16 sec
Pb: 2 x 2-24 h
USB output port: max. 2.1 A at 5.0 V