Three-channel steering wheel computer with 2.4GH module"


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Comes to bands: 2.4 GHz (allows use even 40 MHz RF module)

The triple-channel computerized steering RC set with exchangeable HF module (the base 2.4 GHz DSSS can buy FM module 40 MHz) for the control model car and boat. Trims Management and gas are digital with rocker switches mounted on the left and behind the wheel. For programming, the foursome programming buttons to the right of the steering wheel, the programming menu is displayed on the LCD. Using the knob on the handle of the transmitter can change the size of the servos control when driving (a "double deviation"). Similarly, using a digital rocker switch on arugula (ATL) to change the size of the deflection brake.

The third channel can be programmed either as fixed or proportional. In Fixed operation between the two extreme positions of the servo toggled by the button located to the left of the steering wheel (easily achievable thumb of the left hand). This option can be used eg. For reverse gear for your MTA-4, Sledgehammer S50 or Reva. The proportional operation, the third channel operated intermittently using a digital rocker switch (up or down) to the right of the steering wheel.

To adapt handle child ruččce or manly paws can buy a replaceable soft plastic handles in three sizes.

To fully exploit the capabilities of modern digital servos Aggressor SRX PRO allows operation with higher bit rates (High Response H-RSP), which is the time lag between data within the servo control signal is 7 ms compared to the normal delay of 14 ms. This will give you a really swift response to movements of the car drivers. (The higher the bit rate can only be used with digital servos with analog must leave the normal transfer rate.)

For higher traffic safety especially large RC car allows Aggressor SRX PRO set up emergency variations in function Fail-Safe (displacements stored in the receiver), so that in case of withdrawal of transmitters or strong interference, you can program the throttle back to neutral and the car decelerates. < / p> Program features:

  • memory for 10 models
  • enter the model name (4 characters)
  • erase memory
  • adjusting the size of deflections (EPA)
  • turning sense deflections
  • exponential deflections and gas management
  • subtrims
  • Timer 1-99 minutes
  • a third channel to jump or more linear
  • Fail-Safe Emergency displacements
  • switchable transmission speed of 14 ms or 7 ms

The kit includes:

Three-channel computer transmitter Pistol Aggressor SRX PRO
  • precise steering actuator control with digital trim
  • throttle - havoc with digital trim
  • adjustable power steering neutralizing lanes
  • four programming buttons
  • 2 controllers for the third channel
  • selector for the double deflection control on the handle
  • LCD display
  • RF signal transmission indicator
  • replaceable RF module SPECTRA 2.4DS 2.4 GHz
  • charging connector 9.6 V
  • voltage indicator on the display with audible alarm

Three-channel receiver Atom 3


Case for 4 AA / AA) batteries

Modulation / Coding 2.4GHz DSSS
Number of channels 3
power 9.6V

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