Alpha 1500V2 RTF (M2) - black

Practically finished model of a motorized glider made of almost indestructible extruded expanded polyolefin (EPO) with an AC motor. Controlled rudder, elevator, ailerons. Equipped with AC motor, controller and 4 servos. Complete RC Set in mode 1 with eight-cha


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Although externally it retains the features of the original Alpha 1500, the ALPHA 1500 V2 is a completely new model with different dimensions, a new wing profile and a much more sophisticated construction. New molds and advances in foam molding technology ensure that all parts are much finer and more accurate. The two-piece wing is now fastened to the fuselage with screws as well as the tail surfaces, so the model is very compact. A class more powerful engine with a 30A regulator and a 3S LiPo battery instead of the original two-cell provides sufficient power not only for normal flying with a powered glider, but also for flying acrobatics. The ALPHA 1500 V2 will thus "grow" along with you and your piloting skills; offers an experienced pilot the opportunity to show off!

ALPHA 1500V2 is an elegant motor glider with a large bearing surface with controlled ailerons, rudder and elevator powered by a powerful AC motor. The robust - and at the same time very light - construction made of EPO foam guarantees excellent resistance to damage in the event of an accident or at least very easy repair if any damage occurs. The engine is powered by a light LiPo battery with a large capacity and the model is controlled by an eight-channel RC kit 2.4 GHz FHSS ensuring high resistance to interference. We have simply made sure that your path to success is wide open, and your first steps do not complicate worries of a "material nature".

The fuselage with mounted engine C2217-1200, KAVAN R-30B regulator and rudder and elevator servos is extruded from EPO foam. The cab cover is removable with a magnetic closure. The two-part wing is also extruded from EPO, the ailerons are controlled by 2 servos mounted in the wing with short straight wire rods. The halves of the wing are connected with a connector made of 4 mm steel wire, secured with a plastic connecting plate and fastened to the fuselage with a pair of screws. The tail surfaces in the classic arrangement are extruded from EPO, they are controlled by wire ropes. They are attached to the fuselage with a pair of screws. The 8.5x6 "tilting propeller (the diameter is given by a larger diameter cone with a longer beam) uses standard 8x6" blades. The cooling of the engine, regulator and accumulator is aided by additional cooling air inlets on the sides of the bow, the necessary outlet for heated air is at the bottom of the fuselage in the space under the wing.

Preparation for flight includes only screwing the tail surfaces, connecting the wing halves and fixing them to the fuselage, connecting the receiver and connecting the propulsion battery. The ailerons, rudder, elevator and engine speed are controlled.

The model is controlled by an eight-channel KAVAN / Radiolink 2.4GHz FHSS (spread spectrum frequency hopping system) with cross controls arranged in Mode 2 (throttle left). You can use it "straight out of the box" as a classic "non-computer" transmitter with trims and mechanical switches for the meaning of deviations for the aileron, elevator, throttle and rudder channels. After connecting to a PC or an application for smartphones with the Android or iOS operating system, you then have the option of programmatically setting the sizes and senses of deviations, using double deviations, the exponential course of deviations and other clever functions. You will need 4 AA (pencil) alkaline batteries or rechargeable batteries, a 2-3S LiPo, Li-ion or LiFe battery (not part of the RC set) to power the transmitter.

The ALPHA 1500 V2 in the RTF set is supplied with a 11.1 V 1200 mAh LiPo battery.

The ALPHA 1500 V2 is designed for beginners - as we always deliver - under the supervision of an experienced pilot, as well as for anyone who wants to fly so nicely. The flight characteristics are pleasant, unmistakable and the control of the model accurate. The model introduces you to the full control of the model around all three axes; with proper coordinated rudder, aileron and elevator control. This "like you find" experience at the latest as soon as you start flying with your first acrobatic model or (semi-) model of any kind. By changing the ratio of the lengths of the levers on the servos and rudders, you can set the magnitudes of the deviations in a large range. A beginner will start small, safe even with excessive "steering"; an experienced pilot will set up a large one, enabling even a bit of the basic acrobatics with and without the engine - thanks to the more powerful engine, somersaults, barrel turns, headland turns of the Alpha 1500 V2 are very easy and good! The power of the engine is sufficient for a brisk climb, so you only need a moment to hunt thermals! Alpha 1500 V2 reacts sensitively even to weak thermals, thanks to precise control around all axes, it easily settles even in a rising chimney with a small diameter.

RC set contains: EPO extruded fuselage with mounted AC motor, 8.5x6 "tilting propeller, 30A speed regulator, eight-channel 2.4GHz FHSS receiver and 2 servos, EPO extruded wing with 2 servos and LED lights installed, EPO tail surfaces, steel wing coupling, eight-channel 2.4GHz FHSS transmitter, 11.1 V 1200 mAh LiPo propulsion battery, quick charger and detailed construction and flying instructions.


Pursuant to Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2019/945 of 12 March 2019 on drones and unmanned system operators from third countries and Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2019/947 of 24 May 2019 on the rules and procedures for operations Unmanned aircraft operators and pilots of unmanned aerial vehicles (classic aircraft models, multicopters, drones) that weigh more than 250 g or carry a camera or other sensor capable of capturing personal data are obliged to register (in the Czech Republic with the Civil Aviation Authority) . More information can be found here: Registration of drone operators and pilots

Span [mm] 1492
Length [mm] 985
Weight [g] 780 - 810
Wing area [dm 2 ] 21.8
Controlled functions S, V, K, M
Construction complexity S0
Difficulty of piloting P1, P2


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