RESCO glider kit 1990mm

Kit of high-performance thermal glider with a span of 1990 mm category F3-RES 2M in bulk. Very light classic all-balsa construction, fuselage with balsa gondola and light plywood with carbon tail


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The two-meter thermal glider is one of the most grateful machines in the hangar of a recreational modeler - nothing compares to peaceful relaxation flights in mild conditions, circling in thermals under clouds, quiet flying in the evening calm, where you can sit and watch your elegant model fly almost alone ... At present, in addition, the "two-meter" with a controlled rudder, elevator and aerodynamic brake starting with the help of a "rubber band" have their special competition category, which is not about life, but about flying together with similarly tuned modellers.

"Two-meter" is also ideal for anyone who wants to start building models themselves, in the classic way of balsa, plywood and spruce beams. Construction goes pretty fast, it's not much, but you will learn all the basic techniques necessary for larger and more complex models. if you do something wrong the first time - just a bit of balsa is enough to fix the failed work.

The RESCO model was designed and is manufactured in the Czech Republic.

Kit of high-performance thermal glider of classic very light all-balsa construction in bulk, which you can also easily adapt to the drive of the AC electric class AXI 2208-2212. RESCO is an ideal project for modelers who want to learn how to build models and manages the piloting of beginner models with a controlled rudder and elevator. After all, RESCO may well be your very first RC model. Thanks to the well-thought-out construction with CNC-cut parts provided with protrusions and notches, which fit together like parts of a jigsaw puzzle, construction is very fast and easy. At the same time, RESCO is a "thoroughbred competition" with which you can successfully fight for places "on the box" in the F3-RES 2M category. Due to the fact that a more orthodox interpretation of the rules has recently been promoted, we present RESCO in a modified, orthodox purebred design with a wooden pylon for a horizontal tail surface. / b>

The front of the fuselage consists of a balsa gondola and light plywood; its core consists of a simple "box" construction with balsa side panels and plywood partitions. The space for rudder and elevator servos is located in the fuselage under the removable cabin cover. The tail of the fuselage consists of a beam made of carbon tube with glued pylon with a core of light plywood clad balsa to secure the horizontal tail surface.

The three-part wing with a modified AG profile is a classic construction with balsa ribs and a rigid torsion box cover on the centerplane. The main beam consists of flanges made of spruce slats with a balsa web, which guarantees high strength of the skeleton at a very low weight. The ears with elegant winglets are connected to the centerplane by carbon connectors and beech pins with magnets as fuses. There is a tilting aerodynamic brake in the center of the centerplane - we recommend not to miss this, especially if you are building a "clean" glider. The wing is attached to the fuselage with plastic screws.

The tail surfaces are plate, glued from CNC cut balsa parts. The horizontal tail surface is removable for easy transport; fastened with plastic screws. The rudders are controlled by wire ropes.

You can cover the model with iron-on foil - for example, a transparent Oracover for purely recreational flying; if you are building a competition machine, lighter Oralite, Non-woven or similar materials are preferred.

You will need at least a three-channel RC kit to control the model (even a two-channel is enough for a clean glider without brakes). Servos comply with the usual 9-15 g microservo with a pull of 1.5-2

The NiMH four-cell AAA ENELOOP 800 mAh is ideal for powering the on-board electronics of the competition machine.

The kit contains: CNC carved balsa and plywood parts, beams and balsa boards for rigid coating, carbon tubular tail beam, set of accessories, sheet of self-adhesive decals, construction plan in 1: 1 scale and instructions. / p>


Pursuant to Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2019/945 of 12 March 2019 on drones and unmanned system operators from third countries and Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2019/947 of 24 May 2019 on the rules and procedures for operations Unmanned aircraft operators and pilots of unmanned aerial vehicles (classic aircraft models, multicopters, drones) that weigh more than 250 g or carry a camera or other sensor capable of capturing personal data are obliged to register (in the Czech Republic with the Civil Aviation Authority) . More information can be found here: Registration of drone operators and pilots

Span [mm] 1990
Length [mm] 1125
Weight from [g] 440
Wing area [dm 2 ] 36.16
Controlled functions S, V, B
Construction complexity S2
Difficulty of piloting P1

Recommended RC glider equipment:

Rx battery * 4.8 V Eneloop 800 mAh
Serve 1x HS-53 (S + V), 1x HS-65MG (Brake)
RC kit at least 3 channels