Calima 4.3m PNP

Calima PNP is a high-performance RC model electric glider for demanding. Used HQ 2.0 / 10 profile, laminate fuselage, the wing has a foam core, Abachi veneer cover and Oracover foil. Pure aerodynamic


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The Tomahawk Calima PNP is a high performance RC glider model for the demanding. You can fly in thermals, used profile HQ 2.0 / 10, laminate fuselage, the wing has a foam core, veneer Abachi and foil Oracover. Clear aerodynamic shapes, servos, with cables, brushless motor, anodized aluminum cone and folding carbon prop.


The model is delivered at an advanced stage of preprocessing, but is recommended for more experienced modelers with practice. Calima has a wingspan of 3800 - 4300 mm depending on the end wing used, it consists of 4-parts, MPX connectors are used, controlled functions are rudder, elevator, ailerons, flaps and motor. Given that the model is equipped with a propeller motor and does not include a regulator with a battery, it is recommended to use a regulator min. 80A and battery Lixx 4-5S / 4000-5000mAh.

Calima features
  • Four-piece wing covered with Oracover foil
  • Construction foam core / laminate / upholsteryAbachi, steel wing clutch
  • Sandwich beam (carbon-pine-carbon) for maximum bending stiffness
  • Installed Ball Bearing and Metal Gears (PNP) Servos
  • Complete cabling of all servos with 6-pin MPX connectors between wing and fuselage (PNP)
  • Installed rudder flaps with mounted rudder levers
  • Painted fiberglass fuselage with built-in wooden frames
  • Powerful brushless motor Ro-Power 4226 570 KV, for 4S (PNP)
  • Large cover for convenient battery replacement
  • Prefabricated drawbars are of German production
  • Prepared rudder servos with aerodynamic covers
  • Anodized aluminum cone with collet (PNP)
  • 14x8 "Carbon Fiber Propellers (PNP)
  • Modern design, clearly visible imaginative coloring">
Floating elevator

The elevator is floating and easily removable because two elevator magnets hold two powerful magnets in place. These are glued in the root ribs.

Functional winglets

At the wing ends, it is possible to use the supplied aerodynamic parts - winglets, which are available in two versions. The first are the classic raised, which reduce the induced resistance of the wing. The second embodiment increases the span and changes the shape of the wing end portions.

Aerodynamic covers serv

To reduce aerodynamic drag, the servos in the wing are carefully covered and only the rods protrude to the surface.

Power unit

The PNP version includes the Ro-Power 4226 570 KV brushless motor, complete aluminum cone and carbon tipping propeller. To this configuration it is necessary to add AC controller 80A with BEC for 6 servos. It is also necessary to add a LiPol propulsion battery 4-5S 4000-5000mA and the corresponding power supply.

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