264273 FunGlider RR"

A lightweight and gliding glider made of highly resistant ELAPOR with controlled ailerons, rudder, floating elevator. ARF set with installed Permax 2816-0900 AC motor, 20 A regulator,"


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Nimble motor glider FunGlider continues to "link" the older models MULTIPLEX Merlin and Panda. While Merlin was pretty nimble, but for many pilots too small, and Panda turn for the wilder flying lacks wings, FunGlider with a wingspan of 1300 mm is a big "exactly right", has wings and a reasonably powerful engine for swift flitting in thermals under milder conditions on the slope and pleasant acrobatic spree anywhere. MULTIPLEX simply gives us the ideal partner who does not take up much space, saving RC equipment and spoil any fun!

The fuselage is made of almost indestructible foam ELAPORu. Motor Permax BL-O 2816-0900 is mounted in the bow of the plastic bed and provided with folding propeller 9x6 ". The designers have not forgotten Multiplex hull provide intake and exhaust vents provide cooling motor, controller and flight battery. The cabin area (accessible through the removable cap on the bottom of the fuselage) is located brushless controller MultiCONT BL-20 SD and there is space for propulsion battery and receiver.

Wing model foamed ELAPORu is separate beams of rectangular tube of aluminum alloy whose protruding part serves as a coupling wings. Servos are stored in pits in both halves of the wing and aileron control the short straight wire rods.

The tail surfaces are also made of foam ELAPORU. Floating elevator is a two-part, removable plastic connector with lock.

For power you need Li-poly tříčlánek 850-1200 mAh capacity with a load capacity of at least 20C. Specific type select so that you without further adding of the most relied correct center of gravity.

To control model basically make do with even the most ordinary four-channel radio system, so you can use on-board equipment of your "olétaného" beginner RC set. The ideal, of course, use at least a five- or six-channel computer RC system enabling independent control of two mA aileron servos and their role in mixing the air brakes (both ailerons deflect up consistently). It's handy especially when flying on a slope.

The kit includes: ready-made fuselage, wing and tail made of foam ELAPORu installed AC motor Permax BL-O 2816-0900, brushless speed controller MULTICONT BL 20 SD, 4 servos MPX Nano-S, folding propeller blades 9x6 "and instructions.

Margin [mm] 1300
Length [mm] 800
Weight [g] 590
Wing area [dm 2] 25.5
controlled functions S, V, K (2), M
Building intensity S0, S1
Difficulty piloting P2
Drive and RC equipment:
Engine * Permax BL-O 2816-0900
Regulator * MULTICONT BL 20 SD
Propeller * Folding 9x6 "
battery RAY G3 860 mAh or 1000 mAh G2 FOXY 11.1
Serva * 4x Nano-S
RC rig min. 4 channels
*) Part of the RR set

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