264276 Heron RR 2400mm

ARF set of powerful thermal or slope motor glider with PERMAX BL-O 3516, 40A controller, 6 servos. Model of highly resistant ELAPOR, controlled ailerons, flaps, rudder, elevator.


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Heron is a younger brother of the popular gliders Solius - from him at first sight differs new wing of greater span of "mechanization" flaps and ailerons. At first glance slender hull with a transparent canopy with indicated cockpit delight tail T configuration allowing an easy dismantling of the horizontal tail for transportation. Wing with a span of 2400 mm with an elegant winglets ensures excellent strength properties and good behavior at low speeds.

The fuselage is made of almost indestructible foam ELAPORu. The secret that makes the foam having such slender hull is hexagonal fiberglass pipes reinforcing the fuselage from the wing on the tail. Pipes are also routed extension cables servo rudder and elevator. Fuselage and tail bow further strengthens several fiberglass rods vlepovaných between the torso and the tail fin. The bow is mounted a brushless motor Permax BL-O 3516-0850 with a 55 mm propeller cone and leaves 12x6 ". Canopy with transparent" bubble "is detachable fastened to a pair of conventional plastics locks Multiplex. The bow find enough space for the controller, the drive battery and receiver. elevator and rudder servos (Nano-S) are stored in kýlovce, rudder control short straight wire rods.

Wing model foamed ELAPORu is separate beams from a square tube of aluminum alloy whose protruding portion serves as the coupling wings. Wing halves are secured in place by a pin fitting into a sophisticated locks on the root ribs - the pin is removed and inserted from the cabin area. Servos and flaps (Tiny-S) are mounted on shafts with plastic caps, flaps and ailerons (the length of the reinforced thin-walled tube of stainless steel) are controlled independently of each two servos with short straight wire rods. < / P>

The tail surfaces are also made of foam ELAPORU with reinforcements from fiberglass rods. The horizontal tail surface is attached to the top of the fin using two screws polyamide.

Wheeled landing gear is in "ASW" style, with the main round with a diameter of 45 mm and a sliding shoe on the tail.

To drive the model used brushless motor Permax BL-O 3516-0850 40 A controller is switched BEC power stabilizer MultiCONT BL40 S-BEC to provide reliable power onboard electronics with 6 servos.

To supply serve Li-poly tříčlánek with a capacity of 2200 mAh or more with a load capacity of at least 20C. The specific type select so that you without further adding of the best based on the correct position of the center of gravity.

To control the model in a pinch make do with an ordinary six-channel computer radio system, but the ideal is, of course, use at least sedmikanálové computer RC system enables independent control of the ailerons and flaps two mA servos, and mixing in the role butterfly brakes (both ailerons deflect consistently upwards and both flaps down) . And today, it can also affordable Flash 7 or Cockpit SX!

ARF consists of: almost ready model of the fuselage, wing and tail made of foam ELAPORu fitted with a motor, controller and servos 6 and guidance.

Spread [mm] 2400
Length [mm] 1100
Weight [g] 1500
Wing Area [dm 2] 41.3
controlled functions S, V, K (2), M, F (2)
Building intensity S1
difficulty piloting P2

Drive and RC equipment:

Engine * Permax BL-O 3516-0850
Regulator MULTICONT BL40 * S-BEC
Propeller * Folding sheets with 12x6 "
battery RAY G3 11.1 V 2200 mAh
Serva * 2 Nano-S (S + V) * 4x Tiny-S (K + F)
RC rig min. 7 channels computer
*) Part of ARF set

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