Traxxas Nitro Slayer 1: 8 TQi RTR red

Racing Short Course RC model car Traxxas Slayer Pro 4x4 is a top tool for victory. Powerful TRX 3.3 racing engine, tuned exhaust, rigid chassis is made of 3 mm thick 6061-T6 blue anodized aluminum


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RC Model Car Racing Short Course Truck Slayer Pro 4x4 is the ultimate tool to win. Powered by a powerful TRX 3.3 engine with tuned exhaust, the rigid chassis is made of 6061-T6 blue anodised aluminum. Off-road tires provide maximum ground grip. Traxxas Slayer RC Car has a great ground clearance that prevents it from passing through even the greatest inequalities. The Slayer Pro has incredible acceleration and great track guidance thanks to the 4WD drive and the big wheelbase. Reaches up to 80 km / h!

Traxxas Stability Management

The Traxxas Stability Management (TSM) stabilization system allows you to experience not only performance, speed, acceleration and cornering at extreme speeds, but also ensures much easier steering and control on slippery surfaces like dust, smooth concrete or even ice and snow.

TRX 3.3 engine and EZ-Start starter

The TRX 3.3 racing nitro engine is installed on an aluminum strength chassis, the engine starting is via the EZ-Start system, which is an integrated electric motor with gearbox and glowing electronics and an external battery with starter button. Simple and great functional. Larger air filter capacity allows longer driving without the need for service. The two-chamber tuned exhaust Resonator increases the maximum engine speed by more than 10%.


Friction clutch transmission reliably transfers engine power to axles. Therefore, it does not require time-consuming repairs and is virtually maintenance-free. < / p>


Closed differentials are used for massive torque growth and long-term performance.Slayer Pro 4X4 has a larger wheelbase, so the car has increased stability in harsh conditions, radically increased cornering speed.


Damper X-rings can keep oil and dirt out of the dampers and provide virtually maintenance-free operation. You can spend more time riding with minimal maintenance. Since the dampers are completely closed, they can be tuned with different viscosity oils for optimum car setup for the track.


Traxxas Slayer Pro 4X4 has a dummy body and licensed BFGoodrich Kumho tires.

Traxxas TQi RC with BlueTooth Connectivity

Traxxas has prepared a completely new range of RC kits for RC car models. Originally it was possible to equip the RC transmitters with a docking station for Apple devices. Traxxas continues to develop and has prepared for you RC transmitter with slot for wireless BlueTooth module (module is run separately). This allows you to wirelessly connect any device with BlueTooth LE interface and Apple iOS operating system (iPhone, iPod, iPad, ...) or Google Android (Samsung Galaxy ...) to the transmitter. The Traxxas Link app for Apple devices is available for free at AppStore , the Google Android app is free on the site "target =" _ blank "> GooglePlay.

Traxxas Link App is a powerful application that gives you total control over the operation and tuning of the Traxxas RC model with stunning visualization and absolute setup accuracy. Traxxas Link displays real-time telemetry data, measures speed, speed, temperature, and battery voltage. You can share RC model settings, you can create any number of profiles for a particular track or user, such as children. Everything in the application with brilliant graphics, which is a matter of course from Traxxas.

  • New Traxxas TQi RC Kit with Bluetooth Module Option (O / N TRA6511)
  • New Traxxas TQi RC Receiver with Telemetry Inputs and Traxxas Stability Management (TSM) (order no. TRA6533)
  • New fast charger with automatic for NiMH battery for starter EZ-Start at 12 V
  • Aluminum oil adjustable shock absorbers 82 mm, TiN coated piston rod for maximum service life.
  • Waterproof High-Torque Gas Servo and Control
  • Tires under Kumho license
  • Aggressive, Authentic Pro 4X4 BFGoodrich® Body
  • TRX 3.3 racing engine with electric starting system
  • Polished dual-chamber tuned exhaust Resonator ™
  • Revo® Spec two-speed gearbox
  • Friction clutch Torque-Control
  • Adjustable closed front and rear differentials
  • Large capacity 150cc fuel tank
  • 5-channel Link Traxxas ™ micro receiver
  • Dustproof sealed ball bearings
  • Large two-layer air filter
  • Maximum speed 80 km / h
  • The chassis allows the installation of a second standard size servo servo
  • Available in 4 editions - # 10 Greg Adler, # 25 Mike Jenkins, # 47 by Mark Jenkins and # 7 by Scott Douglas. (if you are interested in a particular edition, please include a note when ordering)">
Recommended fuel

The Traxxas TRX 3.3 combustion engine can be run on fuel with a nitromethane content of 10% to 33% after running-in. For normal riding, we recommend fuel with a content of 16% - 20% nitromethane according to the nature of the track surface and the race. A lower percentage of nitromethane is suitable for races with an on-road character; for off-road races a higher nitromethane fuel is better. The lower percentage of nitromethane also means easier engine adjustment and less engine wear. However, it is always necessary to apply engine after-run oil to the engine for after-run oil, which protects the engine's metal parts from corrosion caused by nitromethane residues and regularly applies oil to the air filter - we recommend using H-Speed air filter oil (part number HSPM001).

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