5854 HTS-AS Speedometer - Actual air speed sensor"

Speedometer with Pitot tube for true airspeed measurement for precise measurement with quick response to model speed change."


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More info

Speedometer - true airspeed sensor with a pitot tube allows precise measurement of the speed of the model with a rapid response to changing speeds - providing a more accurate and updated data in comparison with GPS measurements, which is limited definition of "civilian" GPS.

Pitot tubes (brass tube) is mounted on the model in the direction of the longitudinal axis of the mouth of the forward direction so as to be parallel to the horizontal plane of the model and was out of the airflow from the propeller. For classical models of motor traction motor in the bow it is ideal keyed into the wing leading edge, with multi-engine model, "jets" and models with pusher engine is an ideal place again at the bow. With its own sensor, the Pitot tube connecting the supplied silicone tubing (length 40 cm) - Make sure to hose nowhere nezaškrtili, had built on the sharp bend, which would lessen its internal section and affects precision and accuracy of measurements.

Sensor Kit includes: speedometer, data cable, silicone tubing for the pitot tube (40 cm) and a pitot tube (D2,6 mmx100 mm).

Measuring range 0-900 km / h
Resolving power 1 m
The length of the data cable sensor 250 mm
Hacice-length sensor Pitot tube 400 mm
Dimensions (body sensor) 20,5x20,5x11,5 mm
Weight (total) 15 g