Rapid refueling pistol, 150ml

Thanks to the high-speed pistol from the Ultimate Racing company, you can refuel with both LE MANS and DTM mechanics ....


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This is the Ultimate Racing pistol for fast refueling. It has a graduated 150 cc fuel tank with easy-to-read volume markers that allow you to quickly determine how much fuel was dispensed during a pit stop. The extended tip makes it possible to reach the fuel tank even in the narrowest spaces, and the extra large filling openings ensure maximum fuel flow, without the air pockets ensuring complete filling of the tank every time. In addition, several vent ports provide maximum airflow for high-speed and very fast pit stops.

A fast-loading pistol is more than just a fast one. Its robust construction can handle the misuse of all 1/8 scale racing classes and, with proper maintenance, will provide you with years of reliable service. Thanks to its ergonomic design, this fuel gun is one of the most comfortable and easiest-to-use fuel guns available on the market. Most importantly, it has been designed to minimize overflows and unwanted spills that could potentially cause a problem. This makes the UR fuel gun more efficient than other fuel guns because it minimizes unnecessary fuel and helps prevent your chassis components from being flooded with fuel, keeping your ride cleaner and saving you time between races.