Myrtle Corey river tug / houseboat 965mm

Kit of a pushed steam wheel tug 965mm from the 19th century from the Memphis area. Plastic hull and superstructures with pre-cut parts and external wooden planking, laser-cut plywood and balsa parts, a number of mock-up accessories, including wheel parts


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Myrtle Corey was a pusher river tug that had been plowing the waters of the Mississippi and Arkansas Rivers since 1868. At the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, it was converted into a permanently moored houseboat by adding a "Texas house" to the floor behind the wheelhouse. In the photo gallery you can see the model finished as a "two-storey" houseboat (manufacturer's prototype) and our company "one-storey" tugboat.

Kit of river rear-wheel ship in scatter scale in 1:20 scale for electric motor with slow gear or steam engine for advanced builders. Due to the high pre-processing of most parts, the construction is not particularly demanding in terms of dexterity and workshop equipment, but the model, due to its size and sophistication, requires a great deal of diligence, patience and endurance ( achieving a good result. For gluing you will need medium and thick second glue, "acetone" modeling glue, epoxy and glue for plastic models. The actual construction proceeds according to drawings on a reduced scale, perspective drawings showing in detail the construction of the given part of the ship.

The fuselage is a plastic molding with plywood reinforcements and a plastic deck clad with linden boards. The superstructure is made of pre-cut parts made of micro-foam PVC, laser-cut plywood and balsa parts, linden rails; The sides are clad strips of mahogany veneer.

The wheel is made of pre-cut plywood and plastic parts. It is mounted on a shaft to which a slow-moving gear motor is connected by means of rods.

Scale accessories are made of brass wire and tubing, cast from white metal, wood (including laser-cut plywood and balsa details). If you have enough taste and perseverance, you can further improve the model almost to infinity .. . It's up to you how you care about your work ...

To drive the ship is a DC slow-running electric motor (not included in the kit) through a pair of gears, which move the wheel drive rods. It is advisable to use two 6 V lead-acid batteries connected in series for easier balancing of the ship. Dumas delivers a special 12V 60.5: 1 # 2029 gearbox that perfectly complements the linkage and gears contained in the kit.

To control the ship is sufficient at least two-channel RC set, bidirectional electronic speed controller at least 20A (depending on the engine, it is important to choose the type of seamlessly working with slow-running electric motors - we proved Graupner V30R Navy) and one standard servo for triple rudder.

Of course, Myrtle Corey offers plenty of room to install a steam engine - with proper fuselage modifications (don't forget the fire protection measures!), You can propel the model with a steam engine of a suitable size.

The kit includes: pre-cut and laser-cut plywood parts, plastic hull and roof molding, micro-foam PVC body parts, linden planks, brass wires, brass rudder plate, cast metal parts and other dummy accessories, perspective drawings of the individual steps of the construction, sheet of stickers, construction instructions.

Note from the tug builder: Due to the small draft and the huge body, the Myrtle Corey is very sensitive to the wind from the side, rear and front. Also, the deck is damned low above the water surface, so the boat can only be safely driven on a quiet surface, with a light breeze or windless. Thanks to the triple rudder, Myrtle Corey is surprisingly well manageable, it is easy to ride the track according to NAVIGA mockups (only time will be trouble). But again you have a sober and majestic puffing boat that fellow boaters will not overlook and admire "land rats".

Length [mm] 965
Width [mm] 210
Height [mm] 380
Controlled functions M, LK
Construction demands S2, S3
Difficulty of piloting P1

Recommended drive and RC equipment:

Engine Dumas # 2029 12 V with 60.5: 1 ratio
Regulator # 2880 NAVY V30R Graupner
Accumulator 2x lead gel 6 V / 7 Ah
Servos 1x HS-311
RC set min. 2 channels

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