Carol Moran tug 451mm

Tug kit 451mm in bulk for intermediate. Plastic hull and superstructures with pre-cut parts, laser-cut plywood and balsa parts, a number of mock-up accessories made of metal and plastic, for the 280 to 400 series engine.


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Carol Moran is a harbor tug fleet belonging to the Moran Towing and Transportation Co. serving the Port of New York and adjacent waters. Although it is a fairly small vessel (length 106 ft), powered by a huge diesel engine of 1,750 HP, allowing the trio tugs (leading boat is always stronger 126-foot twin-shaft tug twice the power) to manage even such ocean giants, such as the Queen Elizabeth 2 of 70 327 tonnes.

Designers port tugboat in Rozsyp for electric drive series for advanced builders. Thanks to the high almost ready to most parts of the building is not particularly demanding on the skill and workshop equipment - but, of course, careful and patient work in the shipbuilding necessary to achieve a good result. For bonding you need a medium glue, epoxy resin and adhesive for plastic models. The actual construction proceeds according třípohledového drawing at actual size depicting the outer appearance of the ship. The individual construction steps are carried out according to the perspective drawing showing in detail the structure of the ship, selected key steps and making accessories such as railings or ladders facilitate preprinted templates in 1: 1st For the final finish color will be due to the small size of the ship a total of suit colors for plastic kits.

The hull is made up of two-piece vacuum molding of plastics (compact polystyrene) with internal reinforcements of laser-carved balsa wood and plywood parts and parts of předseknutých mikropěnových PVC plates (- of this material is on board). The superstructure has again skeleton laser carved plywood and balsa wood parts, the outer walls are made předseknutých plastic parts. This avoids time-consuming planking, filling, sanding and painting typical of ships of all-wood fuselage. Also, extensions are coming "quickly by hand" you do not have to fight with all sorts of twisting and vakuovanými ill-fitting parts, as you may have experienced at vakuformových kits. < / P>

Scale Accessories range are made of parts from brass wire, cast in white metal, wood and plastic. If you have enough flavor and perseverance, you can further improve the model eg. Adding glazed windows (in the basic windows are indicated by stickers) and interior equipment, functional lighting etc. It is up to you, how do you put on your work depends ...

Propulsion electric motor serves 400 series (not included in the kit, as well as a three-bladed propeller Scale 25mm) 4.8 to 6 V, powered by Four- or šestičlánkového NiMH or NiCd battery (suitable example. Šestičlánek for RC Cars 1:10 ). Boat shaft with coupling sleeve and the propeller is included in the kit. For long voyages when using a large capacity battery is recommended to supplement the engine cooling water.

To control the ship will suffice, at least any two-channel radio system, two-way electronic speed regulator least 10A (depending on engine) and one standard servo for rudder.

Kit includes: vacuum moldings hull, laser-carved balsa and plywood parts, plates of microfoam PVC předseknutými parts, spruce and plastic beams and rods, cast metal parts and other Scale accessories, marine shaft sleeve, orchid propeller 25 mm set of stickers , drawing a boat in 1: 1 scale, image building instruction.

Length [mm] 451
Width [mm] 122
Height [mm] 270
controlled functions M, LK
Building intensity S2, S3
Difficulty piloting P1

Recommended drive and RC equipment:

ECO Sea wolf
Engine Speed \u200b\u200b400 6V Speed \u200b\u200b400 6V with water cooling
Regulator Graupner # 2861 V15R NAVY Graupner # 2861 V15R NAVY
Propeller 2 sheets of 25 mm * 3 leaves 25 mm
battery Nosram 7.2 V 1600 mAh NiMH Nosram 7.2 V 3000 mAh NiMH
Serva 1x HS-311 1x HS-311
RC rig min. 2 channels
*) Is part of a kit

Recommended accessories