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Creole Queen is a modern river cruise vessel / floating restaurant which operates on the Mississippi in New Orleans. The ship entered service in New Orleans Paddle Wheels Inc. in 1983. Though built on the lines of classic mississippských paddle steamers, it is a modern vessel steel structure with a diesel-electric drive - right now steamers environmental reasons, water can not. (When in 1993 his film Maverick with Mel Gibson and Jodie Foster taking place partly on the river steamer, the smoke from the chimneys was artificial and filmmakers it had to have special permission.)

Designers zadněkolesové river boat in Rozsyp in scale 1:48 electric motor to drive the 500 series with a reduction gear for very advanced builders. Thanks to the high almost ready to most parts of the building is not particularly demanding on the skill and workshop equipment, but the model due to the size and sophistication requires a great deal of diligence, patience and perseverance - as in shipbuilding necessary to achieve a good result. For bonding you need medium and thick glue, "acetone" model glue, epoxy and adhesive for plastic models. The actual construction is carried out according to the drawings at a reduced scale, perspective drawing showing in detail the structure of the ship. Making it easier scale details printed template in 1: 1st

The fuselage has a skeleton předseknutých parts of poplar and birch plywood, plating of planks and plywood předseknutých parts. The deck and superstructure are made of plywood předseknutých parts railing is made of bamboo sticks and lime leaves.

Wheel formed by a structure of předseknutých plywood and plastic parts. It is mounted on a shaft to which a pulley connected with the drive motor geared Reducing. < / P>

Scale Accessories range are made of parts from brass wire and tubes, cast in white metal, wood (including laser-carved plywood details). If you have enough flavor and perseverance, you can further improve the model almost to infinity ... It's up to you how you put on your work depends ...

Used for propulsion DC motor sizes 600-700 with a reduction gear (Dumas Graupner # 2029 or # 1750 is not included in the kit) powered trams by two NiMH or NiCd batteries (suitable example. Šestičlánek for RC cars 1:10) or 12 V lead-acid battery. For long voyages when using a large capacity battery is recommended to supplement the engine cooling water. Dumas adds special drive kit # 2349 containing a DC motor with gearbox 60.5: 1, with the belt pulley, motor mount and screw set.

Of course, the Creole Queen offers enough space for the installation of a steam engine - electric drive but in this case is actually maketovější!

To control the ship will suffice, at least any two-channel radio system, two-way electronic speed regulator least 20A (depending on engine) and one standard servo for rudder.

With appropriate adjustment for the body (do not forget the fire precautions!), You can model steam engine to propel the appropriate size.

Kit contains: předseknuté and laser-carved plywood parts, linden planks, brass wires and poles, bamboo rods, cast metal parts and other accessories Scale, construction plan containing three-view drawing of the ship and perspective views of the various steps of the building, sheet labels, instructions for building.

Length [mm] 1219
Width [mm] 254
Height [mm] 440
controlled functions M, LK
Building intensity S4
Difficulty piloting P1

Recommended drive and RC equipment:

Engine Dumas # 12 in 2029 with the transfer of 60.5: 1 or Graupner # 1750 Pile-Mot 12
Regulator Graupner # 2880 NAVY V30R
battery Lead gel 12 V / 7 Ah
Serva 1x HS-311
RC rig min. 2 channels

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