Absalon / Esben Snarre 1: 100

A detailed sophisticated RC model of a 1380-mm-long, 1380-mm-long, plastic and floating boat, a Danish company, Billing Boats. Kit in a scale of 1: 100 scale.


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Billing Boats

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Billing Boats

In the early 50s Danish architect and former wartime RAF pilot Ejnar Billing exhibited a self-made model of a fishing boat in the window hobby store belonging to his wife. After the photo of the model appeared in a magazine, Mr. Billing overwhelmed in order to position dozens of pieces of the same model. Because it was not in his power so much to handle, it occurred to him that the boat will offer a kit - the first mass-produced kit with wooden frames with the keel, ribs and planking hull design mimicking the most real ship. This method of construction is quickly befriended by Mr billing models and began to conquer the world. In 1958, then founded the company bearing the family name still Billing Boats. Over the years, the design perfected and upgraded models in the '60s introduced the use of plastic moldings hulls, then embarked on CNC machines at the turn of the 80s and 90s in Billing Boats started to benefit from laser cutting parts. Today the company manages the third generation billing and floating RC models and mock-leafing table still represents the ultimate in marine modeling.

We are pleased to offer a series of kits Billing Boats from which you can build a gorgeous elaborate mock-ups floating remote control or create a stylish complement your interior with salty smell of the sea and the call of faraway places ...

Esben Snarr / Absalon 1: 100

Absalon and Esben Snarr are two sister multipurpose modular Danish navy vessel. The hull of a frigate (fighting displacement of 6000 tons) allows you to carry a pair of helicopters EH-101 or MH-60 and armament typical for anti-submarine frigates. The modular solution has allowed in one day instead of containers with anti-aircraft missiles and protilodními load up a field hospital or a ship converted into minelayer with a capacity of up to 300 min, respectively. a transport vessel carrying up to 55 combat vehicles including tanks up to 7 classes Abrams or Leopard. Absalon has been deployed with great success in operations against Somali pirates, rescuing the whole range of ships attacked by pirates and his account accounts for 35% of the total number of captured pirates. Kit in 1:75 scale is designed for very advanced ship builders.

Absalon has a plastic hull hull with internal reinforcing wooden structures, wooden deck and superstructure. The kit includes all the plastic and wooden parts needed to complete the model, dummy accessories (eg. Position lights, anchors, lifebuoys etc.), marine shaft housings and propellers.

To drive the model includes two DC motors range from 500 to 600, at least 30 A bidirectional controllers (depending on engine) 6-7 NiMH or link steel 2-3S LiPo battery with a capacity of 3 to 5000 mAh.

For basic operation, in principle, sufficient even the most ordinary two-channel radio system; to control the rudder servo meet the current standard. But for right maketáře of course, is "duty" adding as much maketových functions (lights, sound module, water cannon, maneuvering unit etc.), which will require the use of multi-channel RC system - and the channel is never enough.

Scale 1: 100
Length [mm] 900
Width [mm] 200
Height [mm] 500
controlled functions M (2), LK
Building intensity S3
Difficulty piloting P1