Naulantia racing sailboat 1:25, kit, red version"

Semi scale high-performance sailboat for beginners. Model in splinter with ABS plastic hull, dacron sails, metal and plastic accessories. Controlled rudder and sails. Length 933 mm, width 17"


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Sailboat has a lot of damage to the box movement. All contents in the box was checked manually. Packaging is very damaged, but does not affect the actual model.

For more information about the original product:

Naulantia is a competitive sailboat American Class 1 m - she was with us as a standalone class competition, although not yet disappeared, but since not only racing man is alive, should not we, recreational modelers did not mind. On the contrary, we will enjoy full elegant and nicely large sailboat noble shapes.

Naulantia is a high-sailboat suitable for large water areas; due to increased mast and sail area enlarged compared to the relative Voyager II is more suited to milder conditions with weaker winds. The ship's hull and the deck is made up of a shell molded from impact-resistant plastic, which comes already finished color scheme. Fairing keel with ballast is removable, as well as profiled duralumin mast - together they give the boat an impressive overall height of 1700 mm. Spars are also duralumin, sails are Dacron double netlike reinforcement, which ensures a high resistance to tearing. Scale appearance boat completes a large number of generally functional detail and rigging appropriate "adult" pattern.

Due to the large size of the ship bringing greater demands on power servos and permit the passage of the long-distance model requires quality RC equipment. While in principle still just a two-channel RC set for controlling the sails is necessary special servo - reel sails; the rudder should be used powerful servo standard size. To achieve maximal endurance and strong coverage of current consumption servos working under a heavy load, it is necessary to power the receiver to use a large capacity battery (3000 mAh least) and current rating - AA cells are definitely inappropriate. < / P>

The kit contains: plastic fuselage with factory-made finish, keel and rudder from hard plastic, glass fiber filled, duralumin profiled mast and boom, finished sheets, load plywood bed for RC equipment, plastic and metal dummy parts, material for making rigging, a sheet of stickers , epoxy adhesive and detailed image guidance.

Length [mm] 993
Width [mm] 172
Height [mm] 1700
Sail area [dm 2] 48
Weight [g] 3500
controlled functions LK, NP
Building intensity S1, S2
Difficulty piloting P2

Recommended RC equipment:

battery Serva RC rig
GP 4300 4,8 V 1x HS-645MG (LK) 1x HS-785HB (NP) min. 2 channels

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