Kyosho sněžná rolba s nastavitelnou radlicí - náhrada za K.34901


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More info

Product description

User-friendly readyset of remote snowmobiles Blizzard FR from Japanese manufacturer Kyosho. The basic controls are: forward, reverse, right, left, and in-place rotation. The height-adjustable blade can also be operated by means of a transmitter supplied by the manufacturer. There are two powerful electric motors with gearboxes to drive the snowmobile, providing enough power to move in any terrain. The wheels of the chassis are suspended, so Blizzard manages steep gradients without any problems, as well as movement in sandy and rocky terrain. The model comes ready for grooming. The package includes everything you need, you only need to buy four AA batteries for the transmitter.


Completely finished snowmobile model
The model is driven and controlled by two geared electric motors and two speed controllers
Controlled functions are: forward, reverse, right, left, on-site rotation and height adjustment blade
Thanks to the movable blade perform various tasks
The bogie wheels are suspended
All RC equipment is installed

Package contents:

Factory finished snowmobile model
Painted body with stickers on it
Transmitter Syncro KT-431S 2.4GHz
Powerful NiMH battery 7,2V 1800 mAh

Must buy:

4 AA batteries for transmitter

Technical data:

Length: 365mm
Width: 320mm
Height: 220mm
Weight: 1,650g
Engine: 2x type 370
ESC: 2x KA17W
Battery: 7.2V 1800 NiMH
Transmitter: Syncro KT-431S 2.4GHz