Plastic ModelKit Star Trek 04880 - USS Enterprise NCC-1701

A model of space ship for bonding.


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More info

A model of a space ship for bonding. Size: 1: 600, 48.1 cm. Packaging includes: 71 pieces for gluing.

Due to considerable technical advances, especially in transmission technology, the Starfleet decided in 2236 to have a comprehensive modernization program for the entire fleet. All modern technological upgrades have been taken into account in the construction of this new type of ship and elements such as warp gondolas and primary hulls have been implemented in the standard series. The development of Constitution class ships began in 2236; the launch of the first models, including the 288.6m long USS Enterprise, took place in 2245. This new class, consisting of 13 spaceships, was designed specifically for scientific research and research in unknown areas of the Galaxy. A number of scientific laboratories were placed in the main dish of the ship, enabling Enterprise to serve as a mobile research platform. In spite of that, however, this heavy cruiser was also very well armed because he and his 430-member mission crew moved alone outside the Federation's space - and as part of the United Federation of Planets, he was obliged to protect his sphere of influence from the attackers. During its five-year mission, launched in 2265 under the command of Captain James T. Kirk and First Officer Spock of the Vulcan Planet, the Enterprise "explored new worlds" and searched for "new life and new civilizations" and frightened to places ", where no man ever stepped in." During this expedition they managed to establish a number of initial connections, some of which did not go without armed conflicts with alien species and races.

- A brand new form of kit
- Large two-piece plate
- Separate command bridge
- Multi-part deflector and sensor
- Large two-part secondary hull
- Multipurpose warp gondolas with separate pylons
- Many transparent parts including Bussard collectors and position lights
- Model display rack
- Comprehensive instructions for building a model with tips for perfect painting
- Complete set of prints for Enterprise, Potemkin and Constellation

- basic: 57, 90, 93, 301, 371, 730, 731
- next: 07, 61, 76, 94, 99, 302, 350

Model details
Scale: 1: 600
Number of parts: 117
Length: 481 mm

Original details
Type: spacecraft
Year / s: 2245

Recommended for children from 10 years of age."