Central box 400 + Magnetic Switch"

The Central Box 400 is a device designed for complete management of servicing in large to giant safety-oriented models. Its unique design provides overload protection at each output for"


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Central Box 400 is a device designed for full management serv in large to giant models with an emphasis on safety. Its unique structure provides overload protection for each output servo. Two independent battery Central Box 400 inputs are provided by highly efficient voltage regulation circuitry (BEC), which ensures sufficient power for up to 24 servos. You can connect up to two receivers with serial output. The transmitter Jeti DC / DS can maximize the opportunities Central Box, such as. Comfortable way to configure, reading telemetry EX and very fast response servo.

Central Box 400 offers up to 24 servo outputs, supports two independent battery power supply stabilization and allows connection to RC or magnetic switches.


  • Two independent powerful BEC for voltage stabilization servos
  • overload protection on each channel
  • Overload protection of the outputs Rx, Ext Switch
  • can connect to 2 receivers with serial interface (PPM, EX Bus, UDI)
  • Expander function with connectivity options Jeti EX sensors
  • input for magnetic switch or RC Switch
  • batteries are connected through the MPX connector
  • stabilized output voltage over a pair of MPX connector
  • 100Hz mode servo outputs (10ms period)
  • EX telemetry support (voltage, current, capacitance, temperature, overload indicator, ...)
  • internal memory for storing telemetric data
  • USB connectivity for PC connection
  • comfortable setting via transmitter DC / DS
  • firmware update
  • suitable for use with high voltage servos (HV)
  • rugged steel construction with mounting holes
  • LED status display

each output is independently configurable (channel assignment, trim, reverse, ATV)
Weight [g] 270