Traxxas Factory Five 35 Hot Rod Truck 1:9 RTR Red

A true American Hot Rod! This is a long-distance Traxxas Factory Five 35 Hot Rod Truck, with incredibly realistic bodywork and LED lighting installed. New, larger 4-Tec 3.0 chassis with authentic wheels. At a speed of up to 48 km/h.


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Package contents

The package contains a completely assembled RC model car Traxxas Traxxas Factory Five 35 Hot Rod Truck 1: 9 RTR with installed components: DC motor Titan 550 12T, DC regulator XL5 LVD, servo 2075 high-torque, 3-channel receiver Traxxas TQ 2.4GHz. 2-channel Traxxas TQ 2.4GHz transmitter. Shock absorber spring washers, pistons, Allen key: 1.5 mm, 2.0 mm; cross key, pinion. Instructions CZ and manual EN, DE, FR, SP.


Experience a great ride with a bloated Hot Rod, thanks to this Traxxas Factory Five 1935 remote control car model. Traxxas honors the tradition of these classic American cars and this RC model is full of chrome elements, bright body and rough appearance. The model also has an authentic one with a significant offset and a chrome trim. The lights are already equipped with powerful LED lighting from the factory, thanks to which the Factory Five 35 looks great day and night.


The third generation of the 4-Tec on-road chassis on which the model is built comes with a longer wheelbase and a wider track for better stability and control. Thanks to the overall larger proportions and wheels, the Traxxas Factory Five 35 makes it easier to drive through unevenness and on hard flat surfaces where the model is designed. The 4WD model is powered by a DC motor with a regulator, thanks to which you can reach speeds of up to 50 km / h .

Chassis 4-Tec 3.0

The Traxxas 4-Tec 3.0 chassis consists of a three-dimensional composite molding (nylon filled with glass fibers), which is light and at the same time rigid and strong. Everything was subordinated to obtain the lowest possible position of the center of gravity. The new chassis has grown by 15% compared to the previous version, the greater length and width of the model, together with the larger wheels and 4x4 drive, contributes to perfect handling.

To simplify maintenance, the chassis is a modular construction. The front, center and rear of the model can be easily separated.

4x4 drive

The excellent driving characteristics of the model are enabled by all-wheel drive. Torque is transmitted from the engine through the center drive shaft, differentials and axles to the wheels. All shafts are mounted in bearings for maximum efficiency.

Oil shock absorbers

The 4-Tec 3.0 chassis effectively overcomes unevenness with oil dampers with exclusive X-rings that seal perfectly. The shock absorbers are adjustable - the spring preload can be changed by means of washers, you can adjust the stiffness by changing the viscosity of the oil in the shock absorber.

Possibility of increasing the angle of the front wheels, limiting the vertical movement of the arms

Traxxas remembered those who liked to drift. It is important for drifting that the range of front wheel turns is as large as possible. That's why the front suspension of the 4-Tec 3.0 chassis is designed so that you can increase the steering angle with a simple adjustment.

Furthermore, the suspension includes a restrictable vertical movement of the arms. You can limit the vertical movement of the arm with the M4 adjusting screw. This allows you to corner faster and improves drifting performance.

Adjustable servo saver

Integrated servo-saver not only safely protects the servo from impacts, but also allows easy adjustment of nut stiffness, according to your requirements or track conditions">
Front and rear differential

Ideal power distribution is ensured by the front and rear differentials. The differential lock can be changed by changing the oil to a different viscosity (thicker or thinner).

Fixed tooth clearance

Precise adjustment of the interdental clearance is a breeze. The motor bed contains mounting holes which are assigned to pinions with a specific number of teeth, which gives a precise setting of the interdental clearance.

Model wheels with disc brakes

The model is equipped with new, larger wheels, which are exclusively with a chrome ring. On mock-up wheels with a 12 mm carrier, on-road tires are highly adhesive tires. Detailed brakes are added to the authenticity of the model, which include imitation discs with calipers.

Body clamping

For easier access, the body is secured with clips only in the rear, in the front the body just slides into the holder above the front shock absorbers.

Authenticly processed body with LED lighting

Every detail of the RC model car Traxxas Factory Five 35 is precisely captured and processed to perfection. The raw, aggressive look of the body corresponds to a number of pure chrome elements, such as the front grille, mirrors or wheels.

The fun doesn't end even after sunset, thanks to the new powerful LED lighting, which makes the Factory Five 35 a real gem.">
Power steering

The digital Traxxas servo 2075 high-torque waterproof with DC motor and nylon gears has a torque of 9.0 and a speed of 0.17 s / 60 ° @ 6.0 V. For water resistance *, the servo box and the output square are fitted with a seal. Two ball bearings provide very smooth running.

Powerful Titan 12T engine

The car model is equipped with a modified DC motor Titan series 550 12T. The engine has 30% more power than conventional 540 engines. The rotor at the rear of the engine contains a propeller that blows air into the engine and effectively cools it.

Electronic controller Traxxas XL 5

Waterproof * electronic controller Traxxas XL-5 with three driving modes, support for modern high-capacity LiPo batteries and easy operation with the EZ-Set ™ button. The XL-5 controller is equipped with a training mode that limits full throttle to 50%. Thanks to this, novice drivers or children can gradually get acquainted with the features of the model and prepare for the full power of the car. Thermal protection, gold-plated connectors and incredibly low internal resistance are the motto of this controller.

XL controller modes 5
  • Sport : Default mode, forward, braking and reverse are possible
  • Race : A mode suitable for racing. Forward driving and braking are possible; reverse is not available.
  • Training : A mode suitable for children or novice riders. It is possible to drive forward with a power limitation of 50%, brake and reverse travel again with a power limitation of 50%.
TQ receiver

The three-channel Traxxas TQ 2.4 GHz receiver ensures safe control without outages. Easy one-button pairing. Status indication by LED diode.

RC set Traxxas TQ

The model is controlled by a two-channel proportional steering wheel RC transmitter Traxxas TQ, operating in the 2.4 GHz band - operation without interference. The transmitter is powered by only 4 AA cells.

There is a rotary knob on the transmitter that trims the steering wheel (so the model is straight when the steering wheel is in the center position). The battery status indication in the transmitter is indicated by an LED. The transmitter can be set to reverse the throttle and control channel (if you would like to use the transmitter to control other models).

Features of the RC model car Traxxas Factory Five 35 Hot Rod 1: 9 RTR
  • Detailed body with LED lighting
  • Lots of chrome details on the body
  • New enlarged, low-maintenance chassis , simple but practical Traxxas design
  • Waterproof * electronics model, the receiver is housed in a sealed box
  • Adjustable shock absorbers, servo saver and wheelbase
  • Special drifting geometry of the chassis - just screw the steering rods
  • Wide range of tuning options - we offer a lot of aluminum parts
  • The model is ready for upgrade to AC drive.

* For information on water resistance specifications, refer to the operating instructions. Tips and tricks for operating in a wet environment can be found on the blog / i>


We recommend buying

To put the model into operation, 4x AA batteries for the transmitter, a drive battery and a charger for the drive battery are required.

Recommended LiPo batteries:

With modern LiPo batteries, the model will have maximum acceleration. The model can be operated on a 2-cell (7.4 V) LiPo battery.

  • For higher performance LiPo battery Traxxas 7.4 V 5000 mAh
  • For higher performance and long driving time LiPo battery Traxxas 7.4 V 7600 mAh
Recommended NiMH batteries:

NiMH batteries are not difficult to handle and are therefore suitable if the RC model car is operated by children (NiMH batteries will not be destroyed by complete discharge). However, NiMH batteries do not provide such performance.

  • NiMH battery Traxxas 8.4 V 3000 mAh (flat)
  • For longer driving time NiMH battery Traxxas 8.4 V 5000 mAh (flat)
Recommended Traxxas chargers

Traxxas universal chargers can be used to charge Traxxas LiPo and NiMH batteries. Traxxas chargers are an easy and safe way to charge batteries. Traxxas uses the unique iD system , so you can always be sure that you can connect everything easily and safely. There is an integrated chip in the battery connector, which the Traxxas charger automatically recognizes and sets all battery charging parameters for you. More information here.

  • Traxxas EZ-Peak 50W mains charger with one output
  • Traxxas EZ-Peak 2x50W mains charger with 2 outputs
pg ">
Accessories for normal operation

For normal operation of the Traxxas RC car, you need screw glue, high-quality tire glue, silicone shock absorber oil and a set of screwdrivers. From our range we recommend an affordable set of tools for cars.

The screw glue drips the thread or the head of the screw, which fixes it and the vibrations caused by driving do not allow the screw connection to loosen. The screw adhesive has a special composition that allows the screw connection to be easily loosened with a reasonable torque without damaging the screw head. Never use ordinary instant glue, it could be impossible to loosen a screw glued in this way at all!

The tire glue adheres the tires to the rim of the disc. It is always necessary that the tire is firmly glued to the wheel rim around the entire circumference! If the tire is not stuck around the entire circumference, it may rupture. The tire adhesive has a special composition that is able to bond materials such as rubber or nylon, and at the same time the adhesive is flexible after hardening. Never use ordinary instant glue - it is not flexible after hardening and cracks in the tire would gradually form around the rims!

Occasionally it is necessary to add silicone oil to the model's shock absorbers. During normal operation, there is only a slight leakage of silicone oil along the shock absorber piston rods. If the damper piston rod surface or seal condition is in poor condition, the oil leak may be large. So-called repair kits are supplied for these cases. In the range of tuning parts, piston rods with an extremely hard TiN (titanium nitride) coating are supplied with all shock absorbers. TiN-coated piston rods are easily recognizable by their golden-green color.

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Tuning parts

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