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Zoodiac 190 mm GT body

The Zoodiac GT body for 190 mm touring cars is the latest high-performance ZooRacing body in 1/10 scale and our first version for the GT class. The aim was to create a stylish but efficient body with advanced aerodynamics, while offering a slightly reduced look to ensure that the body meets all current GT / USGT class rules. We first started with a low-seated silhouette, to which we added molded fender sections that provide plenty of space for larger GT tires, while the low-profile front bonnet optimizes airflow around the fenders and towards the huge windshield. It is designed to offer a mild cab design for the best possible airflow towards the rear of the trunk and the rear wing.

As for the rear of the car, the newly designed side pockets not only contribute to the overall structure of the body, but also look great and help balance the overall downforce by offering a slight upward movement. The somewhat simple construction of the rear boot lid helps the uninterrupted airflow to the rear fender, which has been designed to meet all GT class rules. The wing is shaped by two cutting lines, a standard 10mm profile and a higher "OUTLAW" marking to increase the pressure.

Overall, the body shape provides the lowest possible center of gravity to increase cornering speed, especially on high-grip surfaces, as well as high top speeds, even with low-power engines such as 17.5 class threads - all with easy handling and highly balanced performance. .

The Zoodiac has been designed to offer all of ZooRacing's top features, such as the ability to move the body back and forth a total of 8 mm to adjust the car's balance. The body, designed using the latest CAD techniques, also has a 100mm grille for mounting the rear of the body, ensuring highly accurate body positioning and assembly. / p>

The Zoodiac 190 mm body is made of high-quality 0.7 mm polycarbonate for a low weight of only 85 g. The package also includes revolutionary two-stage window masks, which ensure Pro-quality window frames. In the first step, all windows are masked using Step 1 masks. When the bodywork has been painted, the masks will be removed and replaced with slightly smaller Step 2 masks, which will leave the window frames exposed and ready to be painted with your favorite paint. The result is highly accurate without the need to pre-cut or cut window masks in the body, ensuring greater satisfaction and less chance of creating predetermined breaking points. The body package includes high-quality screws for fixing the wings and a detailed label, including the grille, headlights and taillights.

  • Designed for CAD
  • Specialized GT body with balanced pressure from front to rear
  • Low profile design for the highest speeds and cornering speeds
  • The structured back minimizes crushing on impact
  • Large wheel arches allow 4 mm front or rear body placement (8 mm in total)
  • Large wheel arches ensure that the tires do not rub in any position
  • Anti-slip properties with structured sidewalls
  • The standard 0.7 mm body weighs about 85 g, including the wing
  • Detailed decal sheet
  • 2-step window masks. New more flexible and sticky quality
  • screws for mounting on the rear wing
  • 100 mm grille on the rear lid of the truck for easy and convenient body assembly
  • Designed to meet all GT / USGT class rules

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