Traxxas Slash 1:10 BL-2s 4WD RTR Red

Traxxas Slash 1:10 BL-2S 4WD RTR RC model car with all-wheel drive. It includes an AC motor with a BL-2S regulator, components for high durability - Extreme Heavy Duty and a clipless body. RC Kit TQ 2.4GHz. Speed up to 56 km/h.


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Package contents

The package includes a fully assembled Traxxas Slash 2BL RC car model with installed components: 3300rpm AC motor, BL-2S AC controller, 2056 servo control, Traxxas TQ 3-channel receiver. Traxxas TQ 2.4 GHz 2-channel transmitter. Accessories: Allen keys (1.5, 2, 2.5 mm), Phillips key, washers for springs, battery separator. Instructions CZ, manual EN, DE, FR, SP.


The proven slash RC car model that set the standard for all other 1:10 scale models comes in a new version and packed with new features! The Slash with 4x4 drive is newly equipped with an AC motor and a BL-2S controller for powering 2S LiPo batteries. The alternating drive system brings more brutal acceleration, a long life and an increase in the speed of the model up to 60 km/h. In addition, the RC model car is factory equipped with the Extreme Heavy Duty kit, for high durability and an exclusive clipless body mounting system.


The Slash's excellent design has been retained, including modular chassis construction, cutting-edge long-travel suspension geometry, and a drivetrain with a friction clutch and front and rear differentials. Thanks to the 4WD drive and AC drive, you will experience countless hours of perfect handling and lightning-fast acceleration.

The regulator with three driving modes guarantees fun for adults and children thanks to the possibility of limiting the power to 50%. Despite the increased speed and acceleration compared to the DC drive, affordable operation on 2S LiPo batteries is maintained. control is ensured by a TQ 2.4 GHz transmitter with precise control mechanics. Of course, a wide range of tuning parts is available, including complete spare parts.

News overview

AC drive BL-2S

The BL-2s AC drive with a 3300rpm motor increases speed and acceleration by up to 60% compared to other DC motor drives. Improved efficiency, high-speed ball bearings and an internal cooling fan give the model a long life with minimal maintenance.

Extreme Heavy Duty kit installed

The Factory Installed Extreme Heavy Duty suspension and drivetrain kit is made from the most durable materials Traxxas uses.

Clipless bodywork

The unique system of fixing the body with beaks in the wheel arches, allows quick and easy battery replacement, and the clean look of the model is not disturbed by clips.


Modular chassis construction

The modular design allows the entire front section to be removed by loosening 5 screws and the rear assembly to be removed by loosening 4 screws. In less than one minute you have full access to easy service and setup.


The chassis of the Slash 4X4 is equipped with a long wheelbase of 324 mm for greater stability and at the same time offers a ground clearance of almost 72 mm for overcoming terrain. Integrated side braces help absorb energy in a side impact.

Metal differentials

The new Slash is equipped with high-quality metal-geared differentials that are fully prepared for the power of AC drive and even upgrade to a VLX-3S. Precision seals with X-rings allow differentials to be tuned for specific operating conditions by changing the viscosity of the fluid in them.

Long shrug

The long stroke of the shoulders dampens even sharp impacts and improves the controllability of the model. In every situation, it will have a precise and quick steering response. Adjustable oil shock absorbers and X-rings are used on the chassis for endless fun.

More durable suspension arms

In addition to the Extreme Heavy Duty kit, the model is also equipped with stronger suspension arms, which are even more resistant to a possible impact.

Friction clutch

The friction clutch uses a special semi-metallic friction material and aluminum alloy pressure plates to dissipate heat and ensure consistent traction control. The clutch slip intensity can be adjusted without disassembling the model.

Oil dampers

The long stroke Ultra Shock oil shocks are designed to absorb every impact. Double sealing X-rings ensure smooth operation without oil leakage. The properties of the shock absorbers can be changed by preloading the springs, or by replacing the springs with other ones, and the behavior of the shock absorbers can also be adjusted by changing the viscosity of the oil used.

Precise steering

The mechanics of turning the front wheels is realized by means of the Dula-Bell-Crank system, which ensures the precise movement of the rods to the wheels. The steering has an integrated servo-saver that absorbs shocks and protects the servo against overload.

Split-Spoke wheels

The model is equipped with SCT Split-Spoke wheels with an imitation Beadlock ring and a diameter of 2.2/3” as regular wheels for Short Course models. The driver is a 12 mm hexagon.


Servo steering

Digital servo standard size Traxxas servo 2056 waterproof with DC motor and nylon gears has a torque of 6.2 and a speed of 0.20 s/60°@ 6.0 V. For water resistance*, the servo box is fitted with a seal.

AC motor 3300kv

The Traxxas 3300kv AC motor provides the ideal affordable drive for 1:10 models with all the benefits of high performance, long life and minimal maintenance. The motor is equipped with a Quick Connect connector for easy connection. Other features include:

  • Integrated cooling fan
  • High speed ball bearings
  • High acceleration
  • Efficient operation for longer driving time

Electronic controller BL-2S

Waterproof* electronic BL-2S AC controller with three driving modes, 2S LiPo battery support and easy EZ-Set™ button control. The regulator is equipped with a training mode that limits full throttle to 50%. Thanks to this, novice drivers or children can gradually familiarize themselves with the features of the model and prepare for the full power of the car. Thermal protection, protection against underdischarge of LiPo batteries, gold-plated connectors, simple operation, intuitive signaling with a two-color LED diode and a powerful cooler that can be supplemented with an optional fan (not included in the package).

BL-2S controller modes

  • Sport : Default mode, forward, braking and reverse are possible.
  • Race : Mode suitable for racing. Forward and brake is possible; reverse is not available.
  • Training : Mode suitable for children or novice riders. It is possible to drive forward with a power limitation of 50%, brake and drive backwards again with a power limitation of 50%.

Traxxas TQ RC Kit

The model is controlled by a two-channel proportional steering wheel RC radio Traxxas TQ, working in the 2.4 GHz band - operation without interference. The transmitter is powered by only 4 AA cells.

There is a rotary knob on the transmitter that trims the wheel steering (to make the model go straight if the steering wheel is in the center position). The status of the batteries in the transmitter is indicated by an LED. Reverse can be set on the transmitter on the throttle and steering channels.

TQ receiver

The Traxxas TQ 2.4 GHz three-channel receiver ensures safe driving without interruptions. Easy pairing with one button. Status indication by means of an LED diode.


  • 3300Kv AC motor with integrated cooling and Quick Connect connector
  • BL-2S AC controller with three driving modes
  • TQ™ 2.4GHz 2-Channel RC Kit
  • Digital servo control 2056 with servo-saver
  • Clipless bodywork
  • Permanent 4x4 drive
  • Factory installed Extreme Heavy Duty kit for high durability
  • More durable suspension arms
  • Metal gears of differentials
  • Adjustable friction clutch
  • Modular chassis design, for easy maintenance and setup

  • Adjustable oil dampers with X-rings
  • Easy replacement of batteries
  • 2.2" Split-Spoke wheels with glued-on tires

* Refer to the user manual for information on the water resistance specification. You can find tips and tricks for wet driving in the blog.


We recommend to buy

To operate the model, you need 4x AA batteries for the transmitter, a drive battery and a charger for the drive battery.

Recommended LiPo batteries:

With modern LiPo batteries, the RC model will run for the maximum possible time. The model can be operated on a 2-cell (7.4 V) LiPo battery.

  • For higher performance Traxxas LiPo battery 7.4 V 5000 mAh
  • For higher performance and long driving time Traxxas LiPo battery 7.4 V 5800 mAh

Recommended NiMH batteries:

NiMH batteries do not require precise handling and are therefore suitable if the RC model car is operated by children (NiMH batteries are not destroyed by complete discharge). However, NiMH batteries do not provide such performance.

  • Traxxas NiMH battery 8.4 V 3000 mAh (high)
  • For longer driving time Traxxas NiMH battery 8.4 V 5000 mAh (high)
  • NiMH battery Traxxas 8.4 V 3000 mAh (flat)
  • For longer driving time Traxxas NiMH battery 8.4 V 5000 mAh (flat)

Recommended Traxxas Chargers

Traxxas universal chargers can charge Traxxas LiPo and NiMH batteries. Traxxas chargers are a simple and safe way to charge batteries. Traxxas uses the unique iD system , so you're always sure to connect everything easily and safely. There is an integrated chip in the battery connector, which the Traxxas charger automatically recognizes and sets all battery charging parameters for you. More information here.

  • Traxxas EZ-Peak 50W Single Output Mains Charger
  • Traxxas EZ-Peak 2x50W mains charger with 2 outputs

Carrying bag and backpack

Carry the RC model comfortably and safely in a Traxxas sports bag or backpack. In addition to the main large pocket for the model, there are specially designed side pockets for batteries, charger, tools, etc.

Accessories for normal operation

For normal operation of the Traxxas RC car, you need bolt glue, good quality tire glue, silicone shock oil and a set of screwdrivers. We recommend an affordable set of tools for cars from our range.

The thread or head of the screw is dripped with screw glue, which fixes it and the vibrations caused by driving prevent the screw joint from loosening. The screw adhesive has a special composition that allows the screw connection to be easily loosened with an adequate torque without damaging the screw head. Never use ordinary instant glue, it might be impossible to loosen a screw stuck like this!

Tire glue is used to glue the tires to the disc rim. It is always necessary that the tire is firmly stuck to the wheel rim all the way around! If the tire is not glued all the way around, it may tear. Tire glue has a special composition that is able to glue materials such as rubber or nylon, and at the same time, after hardening, the glue is flexible. Never use ordinary instant glue - it is not flexible after hardening and cracks would gradually form in the tire around the rims!

Sometimes it is necessary to add silicone oil to the dampers of the model. During normal operation, there are only slight leaks of silicone oil on the piston rods of the shock absorber. In the event that the surface of the damper pistons or the condition of the seals is in poor condition, the oil leakage may be large. For these cases, so-called repair kits are supplied. In the range of tuning parts, piston rods with an extremely hard TiN (titanium nitride) coating are delivered to all shock absorbers. Piston rods with a TiN surface are easily recognized by their golden-green color.

Recommended accessories

Spare parts

Tuning parts