150 "Decathlon scale 40% (3,810 mm) 100cc (red / white)

ARF kit semi-scale training high-wing aircraft with a span of 3 810 mm, designed to drive a gasoline engine with a capacity of 100 ccm. Very lightweight construction, Oracover foil coating, many carbo


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Pilot RC

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Semi-scale American sports and aerobatic plane Bellanca Decathlon will delight all fans of this timeless high wing aircraft. It features a solid but very light structures made of balsa and plywood using carbon and fiberglass components and braces from aluminum alloys. Decathlon 3810 mm is designed to drive a gasoline engine 100-120 cc; 100 cc or more powerful engines, the model is able to hang on propeller.

ARF kit for Pilot RC is typically very high readiness - all airframe parts are obviously prepared and coated iron sheet Oracover - but it does not stop!

  • All rudder hinges are installed
  • The rudder control is ready for the cable raceways with two servos in the cabin or the control rod with two servos in the tail.
  • Laminated motor cover is sprayed and preinstalled - it remains only to cut any openings according to your engine and muffler.
  • The fuel tank is installed.
  • Motor bulkhead is installed.
  • Canopy is preassembled and sprayed.
  • Preloaded flap.

Another thing that you will surely enjoy is the accessories supplied in the kit Pilot RC:

  • Predrilled fiberglass horns
  • Carbon clutch wings and horizontal tail surfaces
  • Carbon main landing gear fastened screws for easy disassembly for transporting smaller car
  • carbon spur
  • Carbon spinner
  • Wheels with rims dural

For easy transportation of the two-piece wing with a carbon tube connector as well as the horizontal tail surface. You can also dismantle the rudder hung on hinges with steel pin and continuous chassis mounted screw.

Concision - you have to look forward to!

Margin [mm] 3810
Length [mm] 2580
Wing area [dm 2] 242.5
Weight [g] 17800
controlled functions S (2), V (2), K (4) M, M (2)
Building intensity S3
Difficulty piloting P4

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