BH99 Fieseler Fi156C Storch 2850mm ARF

Semiscale model of German 2850mm connecting aircraft for 35cc petrol engines. Construction hull and bearing surfaces with spec. foil in camouflage colors. Controlled ailerons, flaps, rudder, elevator;


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Reconnaissance and connecting wing aircraft with very short takeoff and landing Fieseler Fi-156 Storch is among the most famous airplanes of World War II. Unobtrusive and silent, able to land on the larger forest clearing has become the "eyes" of the German ground units in her most famous events "blitzkrieg". Storch is popular with senior commanders (such as Field Marshal Rommel), which allowed it to be in contact with the armor vrážejícími overwhelming wedges deep into the rear of enemy troops. On his account are also spectacular actions as a liberation of the Italian dictator Benito Mussolini from house arrest in a hotel on top of a mountain. Storch for the Luftwaffe were produced in factories in France and in our Chocen - indeed in production continued after the war, and particularly Storch French production of radial engines flying today.

Large scale model of a German reconnaissance planes and connecting for petrol engines from 35 to 40 cc. Fuselage with integral fin vertical tail is a classic design with celobalsovým solid coating. Motor cover is laminated, removable. Easy access to on-board electronics makes detachable upper torso of the front part of the canopy and removable pilot with the mat.

Polosouměrným with wing profile is a two-piece classic design with solid balsa cover; wing are pushed to the side of two tubular aluminum connectors. Slotted ailerons and flaps flaps are controlled by two pairs of servos mounted in the wing. Slots at the leading edge are fixed.

The tail surfaces are classic balsa, horizontal tail surface is in two parts for easy transport, pushing the side of the dural tube clutch. Rudder and elevator are controlled servos mounted in the cabin space elevator by means of wire rods and rudder lanyard race. < / P>

The whole model is semi-matt coated iron sheets in camouflage colors with representation paneláže and riveting.

The chassis is spur-type spur coupled with control of the rudder, the main undercarriage legs are cushioned.

Kit includes: built fuselage, wing and tail surfaces covered with semi-matt iron sheets in camouflage colors, laminate engine cover, a set of ready-wing struts and chassis, chassis with spring-loaded legs, wheels with hard aluminum wheels, fuel tank, a set of small accessories, image building instruction .

Margin [mm] 2850
Length [mm] 1910
Weight [g] 8100
Wing area [dm 2] 107
Recommended tank volume [ml] 500 - 1000
controlled functions S, V, K (2), M, F (2)
Building intensity S3
Difficulty piloting P3

Recommended drive and RC equipment:

ploužáky "Rommel Spezial"
Engine DLA 32 MVVS 40 IFS
Propeller XOAR 18x8 " XOAR 22x10 "
Serva 2x HS-985MG (S + V), 2x HS-645MG (K) 3xHS-485HB (F + M) 4xHS-5685MH (S, V, K) 2x HS-5495BH (F), 1x HS-430BH (M)
RC rig min. 7 channels

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