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Piper J-3 Cub 60 Kit 2285mm"

Semi-scale sports windscreen with a span of 2285mm"


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What car traffic accounted Ford T, sport aviation represents Piper J-3 Cub. Of course there is a crucial difference: Mr. Ford used to say: "Ford T, you can have any color as long as it's black." While Mr. Piper's motto was: "Piper Cub can have any color as long as it's yellow." From 1937 to the US entry into the war was produced over 3,000 pieces of J-3, with the advent of military orders, for which the necessary yellow mistaken for an olive, the pace of production increased to one L-4 Grasshoper (the sound of military designation) every 20 minutes .

Designers legendary American sports classic aircraft balsa structure in Rozsyp to drive 10 to 15 cc two-stroke engine or four-stroke 13 to 15 cc. With the engine at the upper end of this range Piper handily mastered basic akrobaci including eg. An outside loop, can fly with floats or serve as a towed gliders for less. Given the favorable ratio of the weight of the airframe and the supporting surface is a "decimal" Piper suitable for conversion to electric drive motor class AXI 4130. Piper Cub 60 is the ideal project for modelers who already has experience in building simple models in Rozsyp (such as. ElectriCub or Spectra) and reliably handles a flying wing aircraft with winglets operated. A sophisticated "interlocking" construction with components provided with protrusions and indentations that fit together like a jigsaw puzzle parts, construction goes very quickly and easily.

The fuselage is a classic design of lightweight balsa and plywood; its "core consists of a simple" bedničková "construction with balsa side panels and plywood bulkheads, which is then supplemented shaped polopřepážkami, stringers and balsa cover. You easily get fixed and uncurled design reproducing the shape of the actual machine. The engine is mounted on adjustable plastic bed on a plywood partition ; engine cover is plastic. It depends if you especially to Scale appearance, the engine can be mounted upside down and attach the silencer Scale Top Flite, which is also the whole "hides" into the motor housing. Space for servo rudder, elevator and gas is located in the hull in the cabin.

One-piece wing profile with a flat bottom side is a classic design with balsa ribs and rigid torsion box cover. The fuselage mounted wing screws polyamide. The ailerons are controlled through short wire rods independently by two servos mounted in the wing. Building plan also allows Piper to complete the "acrobatic" version Clipped Wing - therefore a reduced margin of 2,110 mm.

The tail surfaces are plate, glued from balsa wood beams and předseknutých parts.

Chassis with steerable wire spur coupled with the rudder is duralumin with maketovými details (suspension) of steel wires.

The model can drag the iron sheeting - normal glossy MonoKote or any of the films imitating the structure of the canvas, as Oratex or Solartex.

To control model you will need at least four channel radio system. Serva meet the normal standard of stroke 3-4 kg.cm.

Kit contains: předseknuté balsa and plywood parts, balsa wood beams and boards on a rigid cover, a plastic engine cover and cab accessory kit, adjustable motor mount, duralumin main chassis, self-adhesive decal sheet, building plan in scale 1: 1 instruction.

Margin [mm] 2285
Length [mm] 1435
Weight [g] 4300 - 5450
Wing area [dm 2] 72.4
controlled functions S, V, K (2), M
Building intensity S2, S3
Difficulty piloting P2

Recommended drive and RC equipment:

Sport 2T Akro 2T 4T Sport Akro 4T
Propeller MA 12x6 " MA 13x6 " MA 13x6 "S-2 MA 14x6 "S-2
Tank (ccm) 250-350 250-350 300-350 300-350
Serva 5x HS-422 and HS-430BH
RC rig min. 4 channels