VIPER JET 720 RC Electro

ARF semi-scale model of a jet aircraft in 1:12 scale made of SOLIDPOR foam material with an installed 50 mm blower, AC motor, regulator and servos. Span 720 mm, weight 340 g.


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The original VIPER JET is just 8.48 meters wide, with a compact jet of exceptionally beautiful shapes. The EAA Air Venture 2000 event in Oshkoshi surprised the audience. It is also noteworthy that the aircraft is being sent to customers as a kit! As with the model, the centrally located (driven) drive is supplied with fresh air through both side air inlets (laterally located air intakes) and creates a high pull. VIPER JET achieves a flight speed of over 700 km / h and excels above average good flight characteristics.

The ARF model is made of high-quality SOLIDPOR foam with already installed servos, 50 mm blower, HPD 2510-4300 7,4V AC motor and CONTROL 20A AC controller.


  • Semi-scale aircraft made of SOLIDPOR material at 1:12 scale
  • satin varnished individual parts
  • Scrapped, detachable cabin
  • Installed drive - 50 mm fan with AC motor
  • Installed 20A controller
  • Installed three 8g servos

The model min. 4-channel RC set, but if you use a multichannel kit, aileron mixing can be used and used as landing flaps when landing. If you use the Graupner / SJ RC kit together with the GR-12 + 3G + 3A + Vario 3-axis gyroscope receiver (# 33577), you can achieve a very stable flight even at high speeds.

Kit content:

  • ARF model with finished finish
  • 50 mmm blower with AC motor 2510-4300 7,4V
  • AC Controller 20A
  • 3X 8G servo
  • all good accessories
Length [mm] 640
Span [mm] 720
Wing area [dm 2 ] 8
Flat load [" g / dm 2 ] 33
Weight [g] 340
Controlled functions V, K, M
Building demand S1
Flight challenge P2, P3

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