P-51 Mustang V2 (Baby WB) "Red Tail - Bunnie" ARF

The RC set contains the assembled model of the P-51D Mustang from EPP with AC motor


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North American P-51D Mustang is probably the best known and most famous American fighter of World War II. Excelled great balance flight characteristics, performance and armaments; some other machines were needed skillful, stronger armed ... but no aircraft was simultaneously so agile and quick and stable during the shooting, did not have such long-range ...

Mustang, as well as the other models in our range Baby Warbirds is a neat little model of almost indestructible extruded polypropylene (EPP) suitable for recreational vydovádění. An excellent follow-model it will be appreciated by anyone who has mastered piloting aircraft operated ailerons, and eager to send into the air "real fighter". "Baby warbird" ideal model "on the back seat of the car", easily transportable - and give them safe to fly in a limited space; you do not even have a paved runway. Because they controlled and rudder (which in this category is quite common), you will be able to enjoy all the flying and aerobatic maneuvers, just as you know from the "adult" warbird. BABY Warbirds RTF NOT for beginners, although it is supplied with a radio system - this is meant as a cheap radio that you přibalíte to a backpack for a hike or take with you on vacation, without having to worry that your precious computer transmitter suffer any harm .

The whole model is assembled from parts made from EPP pressed into a negative mold. The ARF kit model almost finished getting sprayed with camouflage and fitted with a motor, 20A controller and four 9 g servos. According to the schematic pictorial instructions building is very simple and it reliably handle even the less experienced "adjuster". Just stick the horizontal tail, wing screw, stick the dummy antenna, deploy chassis, mounted propeller, consolidate and verify the receiver and insert the drive battery. The chassis is easily removable, so you can instantly adjust the model for take-off and landing from his hand on his stomach in the grass, or vice versa for takeoff and landing on the asphalt track. Controlled by the ailerons (with two servos with short straight wire rods), rudder, elevator and motor speed.

Margin [mm] 800
Length [mm] 690
Weight [g] 450
controlled functions S, V, K (2), M
Difficulty piloting P2
Building intensity S1

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